How To Start A Blog In 2019 – Step By Step Guide For A Blogger

Read the full article to get the step by step guide before you start your blog.

Blogging is now has become a quite popular word. Here you will get a detailed guide on how to start a blog and how it would be a great success for you.

Now lots of people choose to blog as a full-time job because you can earn lots of money from your blog. But it is not so easy that you made a blog, monetize your blog with ad networks and you started to collect a massive amount of money. It is not like people reading blogs posted by you, and that’s it. As per renowned statistics report publisher Statista on the year 2017, 350 million blogs were only from Tumblr and every day the people make 2 million blog posts.

So you can guess how the competition would be tough on blogging. So if you do not start your blogging with the right approach and clear ideas, then you might not get success. You can follow our step by step guide for bloggers through this article which will lead you to start a blog in 2019 successfully. Here we are mentioning some points which will work as a guide for a blogger, and if you are thinking to start your blog, then you need to follow. Let’s start with-

Choose a Well-calculated Domain Name:

The first thing of how to start a blog is choosing the domain name. By the domain name your visitors will find you. Most of the people think that it is a simple thing, it is just a name. But it is even necessary. It is not merely that you think about your blog and picked up a name. Here are some points which you should focus when you choose your blog name.

  • Try Something Unique:

When you are picking up the domain name try to make it unique. As we told before doing some research on, is here any popular site which name is similar to your domain name?. We are talking this because if you choose the same domain, then there is a chance that your visitor who is actually looking for you might get confused and visit to the similarly named website of you. You will lose your visitor for that reason. Let’s come to the next point.

  • SEO Friendly Domain:

You might hear about the SEO friendly content, SEO friendly website, search engine friendly design, and so many things but SEO friendly domain is also an important thing. See how you can do so. We are giving you an example of a domain name which will give you better access to our concept.

Suppose you want to go for a fashion related blog, and you picked up the name “Azfashion”. To choose SEO friendly domain at first, you have to find out the keywords of your blog. You have selected the fashion topic for your blog then “fashionblog” is the main keyword of your blog. Then the perfect domain name for your blog should be

Choose A S E O Friendly Domain For Your Blog Site

Now see why we say it perfect. The name “Azfashion” is your blog’s name, and the “fashionblog” is the keyword. If you don’t use the keyword and only choose then just the people who know about your name they will be able to find your blog. But with the keyword planned domain when visitors would search for the “fashion blog” your site will get the chance to appear on the search results.

Select Reputed Web Host Provider:


Choose Reputed Web Host Provider For Starting Your Blog

When a blogger decided to create a blog they should give their attention to choosing reputed web host provider. In some cases bloggers who don’t have the bigger budgets they go for some cheap hosting services. When you go for cheap, you are at risk. Here are some reasons why you should choose the right hosting provider nevertheless the extra spend.

  • Slow Page Loading:

One of the main reasons for slow page loading is hosting. No one likes the delay on loadings. If it takes too much time to load your pages then definitely your bounce rate will increase. That will be very bad.

  • Unable to Manage High Traffic:

With the cheap hosting, you will be unable to maintain high traffics. If your site visits by lots of visitors and you are on a cheap hosting your blog will not work correctly.

  • Security Related Problems:

One more significant issue with the unreputed hosting is the security. All the contents, codings stay on the server or hosting. If the hosting gets attacks by any viruses or malware, then it can destroy your blog. The valuable information of your blog also might get stolen by the hackers. Any cyber attack may shut down your server.

Below we are mentioning reputed hosting providers

Choose the Correct Blogging Platform:

Choose A Right Blogging Platfrom For Your Blog

Now bloggers have so many platforms for blogging. Renowned Platforms like WordPress, Weebly, WIX, Tumblr, Medium, Squarespace, Blogger, and many more are the most popular. Some platforms offer free blogs, free themes, free domain, free hosting, and any other particulars. Besides the free, most of the platforms have their premium or paid versions also. But with the free versions, they include some liabilities you should check. When you go for picking up the right blogging platform keep an eye on these things.

  • Popular Blogging Platform:

Make sure your preference is popular enough. With the popular platform, you will get so many options to integrate into your blog. You will get lots of free and premium themes to choose from, lots of Plugins for your blog site. As because of the popularity you will find any easier if you face any problem on your blog platform.

  • Self-hosted Blogging Platform:

You need to choose the self-hosted platforms because in future if you become a famous blogger, then you will need an even bigger server or hosting. But if you don’t check about that at starting then in future, you will face lots of troubles.

  • Pricing and Plans for Your Blogging Platform:

Always look at your budget. We have already said that premium plans offer lots of extra features. That’s why do research about which blogging platform is offering the best rates for you. There are different kinds of pricing on different platforms.

If you have searched the lot for finding the best blogging platform, and still you are in confusion then don’t worry we have shared our notion on choosing on right blogging platform for the bloggers earlier on our article- Which Is The Best Blogging Platform For A Blogger And Why.

Create a Responsive Design Or Choose a Responsive Theme for Your Blog:

A responsive website can adapt to fit any screen size easily whether it is mobile, desktop, or tablet. A responsive web design has much of benefits. Here we discuss some benefits so you can easily understand about that.

  • More Mobile Traffic:

According to a web report half of the web traffic is coming from mobiles. So, if you do not design your mobile site friendly, you cannot get more visitors to your site. Beside of that it also effects on your search rankings and SEO.

  • Fast Loading Webpage:

A responsive website takes a few seconds to load any platform whether it’s mobile, desktop, or tablet. It makes a good user experience and also improves your site performance.

  • Lower Bounce Rate:

A mobile responsive website helps to decrease your bounce rate.

  • Increase Conversion Rate:

It also helps to increase your conversion rate.

  • Improves Your SEO:

A responsive design also helps boost your SEO rankings. As context to this if you are new in SEO you can read The Beginner’s Guide to SEO to get more clarification on SEO.

Responsive Theme For Your Blog Website

The word responsive theme has used here for a particular reason. Themes are the main thing for your blog’s presentation and blog design. When we go for choosing themes our target has to select the most eye-catching and the most colorful themes. But the most important thing we should keep in mind while we are selecting themes is picking the responsive ones.

  • We are Giving a Short Concept of Responsive Themes-

The responsive means responsive themes will fit in all devices laptops, desktops, Smartphones, tablets, and others too. We are talking about the responsive ones because if you look at the reports on the year 2018 52.2 users visited sites through Smartphones. If you do not choose the responsive themes, your log might not fit on the mobile screens or any other device. So you may lose such a significant number of audiences. In behalf of the themes, one thing comes up that if you choose WordPress as your blog platform, then you will get lots of WordPress themes to choose. As WordPress is the most popular CMS, there are lots of free themes, and premium themes are available for WordPress. Here we are giving some list from where you can get WordPress free themes for your blog.

Select Your Niche and Perfect Category:

Select Your Category What Purpose Want To Start Your Blog

Besides all the points we have mentioned this point is also very crucial. We all know some people do blogging for their passion. But, only passion will not make you a full success blogger. To become a successful blogger, you have to select a planed category for your blogging career. While you are choosing the group you need to follow these angles properly

  • High Bidded Topic Choose:

We all know the primary income for most of the successful bloggers come by monetizing their websites by Google Adsense. If you want to know why Google Adsense is best for bloggers, you may read- Know Why Google AdSense Program Is The Best For Blog Owners.

Let us come to the point. If you choose the high bid topics, then you will write on the top bid topics. As you know AdSense shows contextual ads. So on your blog, there will be only high priced ads. That’s why you will get high rated RPM and receive more money when ads get clicked by the visitors.

  • Choose The Topic Which Suits You:

If you only keep the focus on high bid topics and choose it for the money, then you will not get the successes. If you select an issue on which you don’t have any idea then what will you write there? If you cannot write engaging and exciting writing on your blog posts then merely you will face high bounce rates.

We will recommend you to choose a topic which is a perfect collaboration of high bid, your passion, and knowledge.

Try to Write Unique and Genuine Content:

Content is King Bill Gates

Unique and authentic content means content is original and not duplicated anywhere else. So, when you start writing you need to follow one important thing, that’s your writing content. Only great content cannot make you succeed if you copy them from somewhere. Because copy writes content always violate the terms and conditions of search engines. Sometimes Google charged some penalty about to duplicated content. Beside of that, you need to follow to write SEO friendly content. If you don’t know what is SEO and how to improve your website ranking. You can read- Get The Clear Idea On What Is SEO To Improve Your Website Ranking. But think you are now a new in this subject. So, you can take bits of help from different types of free SEO friendly content writing tools. There are many online content SEO Tools are available on the internet. Where you can get your content related step by step instructions what you need to do. With the help of this, you can always write a great material and beat your competitors. For the better understanding, you can read- How To Create SEO Friendly Content By Using SEMrush?.

Linkup with Google Analytics and Webmaster:

Finally you need to do create a link up with Google Analytics and Webmasters tools. The Google Analytics tool is a free analytics tool. It can generate the detailed report on how many visitors come to your site from which source. It also helps to increase your SEO rankings. To know more about this how it works you can read- Know About Google Analytics, And How Does It Work. The Google Webmaster also a free tool which can maintain your website performance in search results.

Connect Your Blog Site With Analytics And Webmasters

It was previously known as Google search console. First of all, it is verifies your domain and checks other essential things on your website. Like: optimize your content, site impressions, and position on Google. Whenever you submit any new blog posts, it can crawl and index your freshest content by the sitemap. It also helps to fix any kind issue or broken links which are affected on your URL. So, if you want to position on a search engine, you have to submit your sitemap with Google Webmaster.

Finally, we would like to say keep all the things in mind before you start a blog. We hope you have clearly understood how to start a blog and if you are going to start a blog in 2019, then you will get lots of help from here.Thanks for reading this article. If you have any query please gives us your valuable comments in our comments box below.

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