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7 Best Free Stock Image Downloading Sites for Bloggers

Know The Websites Who Offer Free Stock Photo For Any Purpose Use.

Pictures can make every blog very attractive and exciting. So the search for free stock image downloading sites always continues for bloggers.

This is because a great image can convey lots of things about your writing. When we leap on a web page to read something searches for something, keep scrolling the page up and down suddenly, we get stopped by a beautiful image. That’s the impact of a good and attracting image.

It’s great to have a good writing skills, and it is also must be required, but besides that, you need a great looking design for your blog or article. To make your blog or to write beautiful, you must need to enter pictures to make it more attractive. The internet is full of information & resources, and it is the same as the photographs. Anything you can imagine, you can get on Google. You only need to type some search terms on Google. Tons of results will appear in front of your eyes in just a couple of seconds. You have considerable options to pickup up from there, but actually, you cannot. Most of the images available there are owned by someone else. If you use those images into your blog or article, or website for any purpose, you may face severe challenges from the owner. The problem is not only the copyright holder of the image, but Google is also a significant problem regarding copy images. Google does not support any copied content, whether it is copywriting, duplicate mages, copy videos, or anything else. To avoid copyright of images you can read-

How To Use Copyright Images Without Any Copyright Claim?

Free Stock Photos Are Very Demanded Among Bloggers

People who use copy content to their platform might get penalize from Google, and their ranking on search engines will fall. Requirements of pictures are high on the internet, and thankfully, there are so many platforms available where you can get images without any trouble. There are lots of agencies, companies out there that offer premium images with a license. That means you can use those use for both personal and commercial purposes. The photos they provide are of high quality. It sounds pleasant and very convenient to use. You got the platform and got so many premium pictures, but it is not suitable for a beginner or a new blogger. Most of the agencies that offer this premium image service are very expensive. They have monthly and yearly charges, which are very hard to bear for a newbie in this internet field.

Thankfully, besides the premium platforms, there are lots of free platforms that provide free stock photos with an open license. These are very useful for the users and as well as the professionals. In this article, we will talk about some top websites that offer free pictures without any trouble.


Pexels Is One Of The Best Resources To Get Free Image

It is a very popular free stock photo website, where you can find thousands of free stock images. On the site, there is a photo searching option available where you can find photos in almost every category. All photos come under the Pixels license. That means you can use those images for both personal and commercial usages. When you download any picture from there, it is not strictly necessary to give attribution. Images are available in many sizes, and if you want any customize the size for the photographs, you can get it from there. Although there are no premium plans on there, still people can donate amounts to the photographer. This platform is not only excellent for a new blogger or designer prospective but also to a photographer who wants to earn some money with their photographs. Pexels also has its API by which you can directly integrate Pexels images to your platform or products.


Unsplash Is A Free Stock Photo Website

Unsplash is also a buzz in free stock photography. According to Unsplash, they have over one million curated images and have 157,866 photographers community. Similar to Pexels, you get image searching options by which you find your preferred images. But on Unsplash, you do not get the many size option, but you get all high-quality pictures there. There are login options but, you can download the photos without logging in too. To integrate the Unsplash into your platform or applications, they have Unsplash API.


Burst Is The Free Stock Image Site Powered By Shopify

Burst is an excellent platform to get free stock images. This platform is powered by Shopify. All the photos are available in high quality and absolutely royalty-free. You get two options to download pictures of high resolution and low resolution. The stock images are available for bloggers, developers, designers, and any commercial purpose usage. People can also edit images from here and use them. Here you also must not be required to give credit to Burst or the photographer.


Get Thousands Of Free Stock Photo From Pixabay

If you are looking for free stock photos, vector files, videos, illustrations, and many more, then Pixabay is an excellent solution for you. It has 1 billion users worldwide. Like all other image free image libraries, it has an image search option. In addition, you can select the option to search for the topic. You have separate options of Images, photos, illustrations, vector graphics, videos. It is a wonderful time-saving thing. Typically vector files are not available freely, but this platform provides a wide range of them in many categories. You can use those images for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.


Get Thousands Of Images On Morguefile

Morguefile is one of the oldest platforms in this free stock images field. It offers over 300000 free stock images to use. You can use them for any blog, designing, or anything else. It provides high-quality images and allows you to adjust or crop those images while you download. But the editing or enhanced filter options are only available for Pro users. This plan requires $25 a year.


Foodiesfeed Is The Perfect Place For Getting Free Food Image

Are you a food blogger? Write articles on food? Then you will need food pictures for your writings. Foodiesfeed is a free stock images website where you can find food images. There are thousands of food pictures available. For food bloggers, this place is really impressive.


Picjumbo Is An Excellent Place For Getting Free Images

Pocjumbo offers thousands of free stock photos on many categories like business, architecture, food, fashion, technology, nature, and many more. All images are free to use for commercial and private usage. They also offer premium membership, and if you go for it, you will get new photos every month on your email.

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