How To Write An Excellent Blog Post In 2020

This Ultimate Guide Will Help You To Craft A Great Blog Post Every Time.

No matter how expensive the theme you use or how it looks, all will be in vain if you cannot write excellent blog posts. It is the main thing for your blog.

Blogging is one of the buzzwords happening among the online earners. Every day thousands, perhaps millions of new blogs are being opened by people just because it is a very popular way to make a living from home. Now, most of the newbies come on this field to make a handful of cash, but very few of them get success in this blogging field. If we only think that there is no space for new bloggers and this field is saturated with tons of people, it is not right. Every day so many people also close their blogs. After spending one year, two years, so many bloggers park their website, or they are not likely to continue. For many reasons, they fail. Maybe they did not have a clear vision for them, or maybe they were actually running behind the incomes, or anything else. The most important part of a blog is writing. It is the principal element, you write a blog, and people come to your site and read if they like it they praise you. This is the point where many bloggers do not put their effort, and as a result, just visitors just come to their blog and then leave. You need to present an excellent blog post every time in front of your readers.

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There are many reasons why bloggers do not get success, and one of the main reasons for this is they don’t focus on crafting a nice blog post. Sometimes the bounce rate increases of your blog just because it is not attractive to visitors.

So, in this article, we will mention some crucial elements you need to focus on how to write an excellent blog post.

Choose an interested and perfect topic for your blog:

Choose A Perfect Niche For Your Blog

Choosing the topic is the first approach you need to take before writing. So many times, people choose a topic just looking towards it demand, it has a high search volume on Google, and there is lots of money on it. If you are also making your mind perform the same, then you are doing absolutely wrong. It would help if you always chose a topic where you have the interest. If you only think about the money, eventually, you cannot craft excellent writing. Also, for writing a good blog post, it needs passion.

Write what you know:

Write What You Know And Share Own Expertise

Google is already saturated with millions of blogs, billions of writings. People always like to read fresh content, and they always look for new information. Now if you surf on the internet, most probably, you will find lots of similar information related to your topic. So, for making your article bigger or make it more informative, some people try to share information from somewhere else. But it is not a good idea. On your blog, you should share your experience, your own knowledge. That’s how people will like your writing. If you try to share any information from another platform, the data would be wrong, and you could share misleading content on your platform. That is really a negative thing, so no matter how small you know, be loyal and only share your own expertise.

Add meaning full images:

Use Images On Your Blog To Make It More Attractive

Imagine writing of 1500 or 2000 words, just plain text, nothing else. Most people will lose interest in this because it is monotonous for them. When any writing contains meaning full images, it creates interest in people. Besides images are very important for your blog in many aspects. That’s why you should use images on your blog post. Another reason to use pictures is it makes your writing more understandable. Some topics are hard and people cannot understand easily. Their photos help a lot that what you are trying to express through the essay. These are for the inside article pictures now talk about the feature image. It is the main highlight of your blog post. The main picture mostly decides that you will get click on your post or not. So it would be best if you made the feature image seductive and which can convey the thoughts of the blog post. Without using images, you cannot create an excellent blog post which is alluring for people. To explore some popular free stock image sites you can read 7 Best Free Stock Image Downloading Sites for Bloggers.

Use subheading and keep your paragraphs short:

When you are writing on anything, use subheadings. Subtitles are small lines rather than normal text lines, but they are bigger in size as compared to them. Using them on your blog is very important at the point of view of a scanner and also the search engine. By reading the header, the reader gets an idea about the topic so that they can easily decide the context is useful to them or not. On the other side, you use the headings in such a way to grip the reader’s attention. Also, a plain long text is less exciting and beautiful compared to a well-crafted sub-headed blog.

From the search engine standpoint, it is also significant because search engines crawl the header two or header three texts and play a vital role in search engine optimization. So, how often should you use a subheading? Typically you should not exceed 150 words without using a header.

Stick to the point of your blog post:

Stick To The Point While You Are Writing A Blog

Sometimes people try to share maximum information on a single blog post but did not notice that it is a piece of information related to the blog theme or not. Sometimes they do it to increase their article size, but it is not right. Rather than giving any benefit, it will make your readers confused. It would be best if you stuck to the point no matter how small your blog is getting. Readers come to your site to get some information which they don’t know, so if they get hassled, they will not like that matter. So, be specific and to the point, don’t spin the matter round and round.

Use call to action:

Use Call To Action At Last Of Your Writing

Nobody does anything without having any intentions. It would be for money, for popularity or both. The same thing is in the blog. It is true that some people do blogging for a hobby or helping people on matters. But, who does not like to get some cash from it? Most of the bloggers do blogging on that occasion. For that, while you are writing a blog, you need an active call to action at last. If you do not put a persuasive call to action at last, probably people are not likely to do your expected.

Make an irresistible title for an excellent blog post:

Choose Catchy Titles For Your Blog Post

You should pay serious attention to make an alluring title for your blog post. It is the main thing which decides people are interested in your post or not. Bloggers should write the title in such a way where they give just hence about the context. While you are making the title, your primary focus should be on how you can define your entire blog post in a title. After that, you should think about putting something which people cannot ignore. That is how you can get more clicks on your article.

Write riveting and helpful content for your blog post:

While you are writing anything, you need a mindset to write beneficial content. If you go only for commercial or paid promotional type contents, people will not like your blog. You need to create problem-solving content. Besides that, you should keep your eye that it is attractive enough.

Keep it simple:

Try To Keep The Post Simple

Always try to make straightforward content. All readers are not equal, and they do not have the same understanding. Also, you need to keep the focus on choosing words, the design of your blog. It is essential, so many people firstly scan the blog if they interested they read it. If your writing is hard cannot be understood easily, people will lose interest in reading it. That's why to write an excellent blog post, the writing should be easy to understand.

Use keywords while you are writing the blog post:

Use Keywords To Your Writing And Also On Images

Keywords are essential for your blog success. It is the main factor by which people find you on the internet. You should implement keywords in your blog post title, headers, and the entire post. Use the key phrase in the right proportion so that your blog gets perfectly optimized in search engines.

Thanks for reading. We hope these blog writing tips will help you to write an excellent blog post no matter what your topic is.

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