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The 4 Best YouTube Keyword Research Tools In 2020

Keyword Research Is One Of The Important Part Of Your YouTube Marketing.

Are you looking for the best YouTube keyword Research Tools for bringing more traffic? If yes, then you are come to the right place to choose your best one.

In recent times, YouTube is one of the popular and world's second-largest search engine just after Google. There are millions of people who use YouTube to search every day to find videos about sports, makeup, marketing, and more. Besides the massive number of viewers, there is an enormous number of YouTube creators too, who upload their videos on YouTube and earn money from it. But just creating a good video will not be enough to achieve your goal. You need to make sure people will be able to find the video that you have created.

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So, as a YouTube marketer, you need to use a YouTube keyword research tool that you will help you to get the target audience on your channel appropriately. As we know that keyword research is an essential part of a successful SEO strategy. But unworthily, there is no official research tool for YouTube as there is with Google. So, today in this article, we are going to tell you about some best YouTube keyword tools that will help you to grow your YouTube channel and bring more targeted traffic.

YouTube Autocomplete service

You may have noticed that, when you search for something on YouTube, it suggests some keywords finish your search. This is called Autocomplete, and it works by suggesting the most popular term that lots of people use to find videos on YouTube. This is an excellent source of inspiration for videos.

You Tube Autocomplete Best Free You Tube Keyword Tool

YouTube Autocomplete service usually suggests you 5+ words fairly long-tail keywords. We generally know that the long-tail keyword is not to be particularly competitive, so if you use these terms, your video will get easily rank. Although, YouTube doesn't show search volumes and which terms are more popular than others.

It is one of the most effective tools for finding Keywords for YouTube. It provides both Premium and Free version, so it will suit your tastes. Keyword Tool uses YouTube autocomplete features to generate highly relevant long-tail keywords for your particular topic. The free version of that tool generates up to 700+ long-tail keywords. It also shares info about the total search volumes of a particular keyword; it’s CPC rate, trend, and competition as well.

Keyword Tool The Effective You Tube Keyword Finder Tool

Moreover, it’s advanced filters will also help you to track a keyword-based on demographic location. Besides that, here you can also find lots of attractive features; like a list of tags, tips for creating effective video ads, and popular hashtags for your YouTube channel. With the help of this tool, you can easily put your video in front of your target audience and driving more conversions. So, if you are looking for a YouTube keyword research tool for video SEO, this tool will be handy to you.

Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator is another best YouTube keyword tool in the virtual world. If you're new to YouTube keyword research, it is a pretty easy-to-use tool for you. You can find thousands of best YouTube channel keywords and YouTube video keywords with just a few clicks. It suggests the top 10 and highest-ranked YouTube keywords generate more search volume traffic. You can also pick and choose which one is best for you and download them to your device.

Grow Your You Tube Channel With Keyword Tool Dominator

However, the drawback of this is that you can only perform three searches a day on the free version. If you want to search more terms more frequently, you can purchase the YouTube keyword tool for a one-time price of $29.97. Keyword Tool Dominator also works with other major search engines, like Amazon, Bing, Google, eBay, and more.

VidlQ YouTube keyword Research tool

VidIQ is a YouTube Certified partner that helps video content creators to research the best keywords to maximize views and subscribers. This is a great tool for helping marketers who want to explore new keyword competing against higher search rankings. If you want to research keywords just paste on this tool and choose the country you wish to target. After that, it will show you search volume, competition, overall keyword score, related queries, keyword stats, and the tags from the top-ranking videos.

Vidl Q The Powerful You Tube Keyword Research Tool

In addition, VidIQ also comes with dozens of other features like; Scorecard, Channel Audit Tool, Competitors Tool, Productivity Tools, Real-Time Stats Bar, and many more. However, some features are included with its subscription plans, which are starting at only $7.50 per month. So, we can say it’s an affordable budget for even small businesses.


Finally, we want to say, keyword suggestions are a great way to find out what people are searching for and what they want. The content created by these keywords ensures that you will be able to deliver on the right demands to your audience, as well as you can lead your business in the right direction. However, If you want more views on YouTube, then follow your targeting keywords with search volume. We hope these types of keywords can help you to achieve the desired result.

Thanks for reading. We hope you will like these YouTube keyword tools!

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