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Should You Be Using PBN To Boost Your Link Building Effort?

If you are one of those who are thinking about creating PBN and get high-quality backlinks, then you are not alone.

Since people have understood search engine ranking factors, they have tried to get as many backlinks as possible. It is essential indeed because backlink is one of those many ranking factors on Google. More authoritative links are a good ranking factor for your site. That’s the reason many site owners often try lots of practices for link building. If you are also looking to build up backlinks for your website, then you may find this article helpful. Here we will discuss about PBN. Lots of people are aware of this, and lots of them have much confusion regarding that. In fact, many people consider it as a spam practice where you try to manipulate search engines.

So, don’t make it lengthier and see,

What is PBN?

PBN stands for the public blog network. In simple terms, it is a bundle of sites that you own along with your main site for which you want to get the Backlink benefits.

Suppose you have a website named that is your primary website. You want to create backlinks for that website. Now, what you do; you create multiple websites with multiple domain names. As you own multiple sites, there is no problem for you to get backlinks from there.

The concept is simple. As Google considers backlinks as a good thing, why not get it by creating our own sites. It sounds interesting, but in practical, there are many drawbacks and it may lead you to bad consequences too.

Since people have understood link building as a ranking factor, they have tried many black hat SEO methods. If you really understand the concept of why Google and other search engines, use backlinks as a ranking factor you will realize that a private blog network is not a fair technique anyway.

Backlinking websites justify that, your site is a valuable and reputed site. But, by creating a PBN you are manipulating search engines. There are many difficulties you may face if you try to create your own PBN. They are as follows,

Penalize by Google:

All the effort you are making to create backlinks for your site for getting a higher rank on Google. Now, if your site gets penalized by Google, it decreases your ranking, then it does not make sense to create your own private network. Many people on the internet, on YouTube, or in articles say they will set you up PBN in such a way that Google bots won’t be able to trace you. But one thing is clear: if Google can definitely you, the consequences might be very bad.

The money:

If you have already owned a website, there is nothing to explain the money you have spent on one website.

For the rest, to create a website, the two main investments you will require are the domain name and hosting. For each website, you would require a separate domain name and host. After that, if you cannot make your site on your own, you are going to hire someone to develop your site. For updates and other maintenances, the costs are going to increase. Now, imagine you would have to spend this money on all the network sites you will create. The development charges are one-time, but the domain-hosting charges are renewable. You need to renew it every one or two years. As you can see, this would cost you a huge amount. The third one is,

Time and effort:

When you are going to create a PBN, your intention is to get high-quality backlinks, and high-quality backlinks come from high-quality sites. In order to create a high-quality site, you have seriously worked on those PBN sites like your work to create a genuine website. It won’t work that. Let’s create a website, copy some content from somewhere, stick it on the site, and link from there. That won’t help you anyway. In fact, you have to do all the essential practices for a legitimate site. Now, establishing a website takes a lot of time, money, and effort. You need to publish regular fresh content, check the Google analytics report, and tackle the odds. That is a lot of hard work. From publishing content to sharing on various platforms, checking the links, and searching for console reports, the job would be insane if you try to wrap everything up. It’s very hard to maintain the performance of all sites together.

Google or any other search engines consider backlinks a ranking factor because many sites verify that you are a legitimate and valuable site. Now, if many spam sites are linked towards you, and you have backlinks from them, it is very harmful. These backlinks are toxic and will decrease your ranking as well.

So the whole thing should look natural, and using the PBN technique does not seem natural anyway. Now, it is always debatable that what if Google does not trace it. Theoretically, if everything goes according to your plan, it might be okay, but putting that much money and effort is quite risky.

Many people find a cheap alternative. They go and find websites that provide PBN services. There they claim to give backlinks as per their pricing. Well, that is a spam practice as well.

What you should do to boost your link-building efforts?

Well, there are many fair methods you can adopt to increase your site's backlink profile. Below we are mentioning some ways that you can choose and they are absolutely fair and no worries about penalty by Google or other things.

Guest blogging:

Guest blogging or guest posting is one of the most ideal approaches you can take to gain backlinks for your site. Here you ask websites where you want them to give you backlinks. After that, you write an article for them in exchange for a link that points to your site.

Link exchange:

If you are not willing to write an article, you can simply ask for a link exchange opportunity to the website you want the link to. Here you contact the website owner that, you can place their link to any of your existing articles and in exchange, they would do the same.

These are the two most popular and genuine methods you can follow for link building of your site. We hope the article made you understood that is the PBN is right for you or not.

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