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What Is Meta Description? – Checkout It’s Importance In SEO

Just After The Meta Title, Meta Description Is the Second Most Important Thing From The SEO Prospective.

If you are a web content writer, whether you write any blog or article, or write for any website, you need to know what is meta description.

That is also known as the meta tag. For now to break this cut-throat competition on the internet search engine optimization is inhabitable. In this article, we will discuss about meta description. We will be covering what it is; it's importance in search engine optimization, and how we can write a perfect meta description. So, let's start with,

What is a Meta description?

The meta description or meta tag is a short description of your entire content. Meta description represents your whole article, or blog, or any subject with some characters. It is like an introduction to a story or content. Now, why it is essential to search engine optimization?

If you have a clear idea on SEO, you might know that it makes search engine understand about your content or website.

If you want your blog, content to be discovered by the people organically, you have to allow the search engine to crawl your website data and store it into their database. Search engine crawlers crawl your data, and as per their understanding, they rank your article, blog, or website. So, as much better you can make search engines understand you content so better it is.

When someone searches anything on Google, crawlers find the best match for the query. Search engine crawlers firstly crawl the title and just after the meta description. So, the meta description is as important as the title.

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The meta description is the first 140 to 156 characters of your blog post just after it’s title tag by default. We used a term here is “default” because lots of bloggers, content writers do not know the meta description, and it’s essential, so do not put a meta description of their content. So, when they write anything, search engine, just crawls their site and choose the first 140 to 156 characters and consider as the Meta description of the content.

Importance of Meta tag to the SEO prospective:

Without proper SEO, it is tough to beat the competition as Google has a massive amount of data in every segment. So, having a search engine friendly meta description is a must required practice.

Even though Google or any other search engines tell that meta description is a major the factor for which articles or content rank for but still it has importance to understand search engines about content. A well crafted Meta description can increase your click-through rate on search engines. That's a positive thing in SEO. Better click rate means more visitors.

How to write an SEO friendly meta description?

  • To write the SEO friendly meta tag firstly keyword research is essential. If you are writing any blog or any article, you need to find the most relevant keywords for that.
  • After that you need to create a short 138-156 characterized preface, which represents your whole article or blog using those main keywords. The job would tough for a newbie at the first attempt, but it is essential.

 The meta description is not only required for any content but also for a website or web page.

  • If you have a business website, you need to create a meta description for your website too because that’s how you make understood Google about your business website. The process is the same here you have to find out the most profitable keywords for your business website.
  • Not only the website if you have a separate page on your website, you need to create the meta tag for the pages too. It will help search engine crawlers about your webpage, and they can serve better information to visitors.

Yoast SEO and SEOPressor are two most popular SEO plugins. You can read: Yoast SEO Vs SEOPressor: Best WordPress SEO Plugin For Higher Rankings to know more about them.

Some important things about meta description:

  • There are different theories about an ideal Meta description length. According to the most famous SEO plugin Yoast, the Meta description can be up to 155 characters.
  • As people search for anything on the internet through search terms, keywords should be used on meta descriptions.
  • There are lots of search engines on the internet and meta tag plays the same role for all.
  • Very useful for the user perspective also. Most of the readers, if they find that the introduction of your blog is not attractive and relevant enough, they will leave. If your meta description is exactly reflecting your whole article, the reader will keep his interest.
  • When you are writing anything to sell your product or service, make your meta tag actionable. If you encourage visitors to click your article or website, you will get more chances to get more conversions.
  • If you own a business or brand then mentioning them on your meta tag is very important.
  • You have to use keywords in your meta descriptions; it no means that you can do keyword stuffing. It will be harmful to your SEO performance.

Thanks for reading. We hope this was informative. Read more SEO related articles.

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