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How To Get The Advertisement On Your Site Or Blog Easily

Attract Advertisers To Your Blog By Using These Methods.

Getting the advertisement, on your site or blog is a big part of your earning. Without the advertisement most bloggers had no option to earn from blogs.

If you are not selling anything or don’t have a service, then there is the only option to have the income. That is advertisements. Blogging is now turned into a  business. Popular bloggers are earning tons of cash from their blogs. The earnings are highly alluring. That’s why lots of new bloggers are coming on blogging. On a blog site, you can earn in various ways as you can put advertisements on your site, do affiliate marketing or you can sell your own product or services.

In this article, we are going to talk about the advertisement, how to get the advertisement on your site. Before that have a short look at ads.

Advertisements for blog sites

For new bloggers, the earning source is mainly from advertisements. The ads are in two types. You can monetize with different kinds of ad monetizing platforms like Google AdSense, Infolinks, AdMob, Media.Net and many more. These platforms show different kinds of ads to your site. But if you want more thirds party ads, then you have to take some particular approaches. For a new site getting advertisements are quite tricky. Below we are mentioning how you can get The Advertisement On Your Site Or Blog.

Attract Advertisers To Your Blog By Simple Methods

LinkedIn can help you to get the advertisement on your site:

LinkedIn has now become a huge platform for professionals. You will find both the employees and employers. At a side, you get people who are established and the people who are seeking opportunities, jobs. For that reason, you get a big chance to promote yourself. On LinkedIn all kind of professionals is present. If you are a blogger, writing for your niche, you will find a lot of people who are interested in your niche. There you can promote your writing, blog or content. If your site and content are interesting, you can easily attract advertisers to your blog from LinkedIn.

Write about the products or services you want an advertisement on your site:

Writing about a product or service can give you give the opportunity to get the advertisement on your site. Suppose you run a blog related to hosting or server. So you want ads for hosting or servers.  Now you can write about companies who provide server and hosting. You can promote their products, give your opinion related to the service. While you write to them, you actually promote them. Now if your website is popular enough and you have lots of traffic there, those server hosting websites will get leads. Those companies can track from where they are getting visitors. When they find from your site they are getting traffic, they can give you their advertisements.

Create a YouTube channel to attract advertisers to your blog:

YouTube has now become the second largest search engine just after Google and the third most visited website just after Google and Facebook. YouTube has monthly 1.9 billion active users. As you can see a vast number of audience at the platform. You can create a YouTube channel related to your blog or website. You have to do the same thing as the previous point. There you have to be famous. Now big companies are looking towards YouTube and spending lots of money there. If you get famous and be able to gain lots of more subscribers, there is a big chance to get an advertisement on your site.

Send emails to people:

E-mails are also an excellent way to promote your blog or contents. Through the emails, you can reach to your clients quickly. If you can correctly represent your blog to the people, there are big chances to reach to your advertisers. You can go with e-mail marketing to maximize your effort.

Do Guest post to popular websites to get the advertisement on your site:

Guest post is also an effective way to get ads. The meaning of the guest post is you write articles or blogs to someone else’s website or blog. Suppose you have a blog site and your site is new. You nor have enough visitors neither popularity. Now you ask a blogger who is popular than you, to post a blog on his site. It is beneficial for you. As the platform, you have chosen, is already famous. They have already a big audience and popularity. So when you write a guest post on that site, you get chances to attract advertisers to your blog. Usually, Guest posts are chargeable but if you can afford it is very beneficial.

Use Google My Business to get advertisers:

Google My Business is a free tool for business and organizations. It helps you to get your online presence, across Google. There you can tell people about your business or blog. This will help you more if you want some local advertisement. Many people sell the ad placements of their sites to local advertisers. Through the Google My Business.

Thanks for reading. We hope you have enjoyed the article. If you have any suggestion or queries, you can comment down below. To read interesting articles related to online earnings, you can read:- Everything You Need To Know About The Ghostwriting Jobs, Among Blogging And YouTube Which Is Better For Making More Money, and Everything You Need To Know About Freelance Earning Sites.


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