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Can You Get Approval For AdSense With A Thin Affiliate Website?

Who else would not wish to increase their income, whether it be offline or online? Making money online is not a new thing anymore.

The two most adopted methods by people over the internet are Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. If you calculate the CTR rate, CPC, earnings, page views, traffic, and overall earnings, there is no doubt, AdSense is far behind affiliate marketing.
However, affiliate marketing and AdSense are totally different things, and people who make a huge affiliate sale do not use AdSense to their platforms. But, still, there are many people who would like to monetize their website with both AdSense and affiliate links. In this article, we will discuss a thin affiliate website. Can you get AdSense approval with it?

What is a thing affiliate site?

According to Google, the thing content defines websites that have little or no value at all. It is typically copying content from another site with some minor changes. The thing affiliate sites are basically affiliate sites where the owner just copy the product details from another site and publish it to their own website.
Well, product specifications, prices, and other details remain the same. Suppose Amazon listed a product along with all the details of it.
Now, if you copy that product information and paste it on your site that is called a thin affiliate site.
Many affiliates try to do the thing because there is no effort at all. However, many affiliate companies have policies by which people cannot use their content directly even if they are trying to sell their product.

So, the question is

Can you get AdSense approval with a thin content affiliate site?

Google AdSense has various strict policies regarding its content. In fact, it is the most important thing that you should well check before sending your site for AdSense approval.
AdSense always searches for high-quality original content that is valuable for readers. Any scraped or copy content cannot run AdSense ads on their platform.
Now a thin affiliate site is nothing but copy content that has already available on the internet. So, there is no chance of getting AdSense approval with that type of site.
But does it mean that you cannot get AdSense approval with an affiliate site?
Well, that depends on how you are doing things. The best fit sites for Google AdSense are content-based sites such as blogs, articles, news content. AdSense has no policy restrictions that you can not promote affiliate products on the site that has placed Google ads.

keep in mind before doing affiliate marketing along with Google AdSense?

  • First of all, the content. When you are working with AdSense, stay strict about the content, whether it’s genuineness and quality. If your product affiliate products solely, you may consider using some context that would lead users to buy your products or grab much attention. But when you are going to use AdSense ads, you should avoid those things. If you do it fairly, you are not going to face any issue with it.
  • The next thing is the affiliate banners or links. Each affiliate company provides you a unique affiliate link. You can place the links to the texts without any problem. Now the affiliate banner. Placing the affiliate banners on your site should be done intuitively otherwise, the ads might overlap with others. Also placing too many affiliate banners would affect user experience, which will lead to troubles from AdSense.

The best practice can be followed by writing high-quality engaging and convincing articles to use both methods in a place. Thanks for reading. Explore more related articles.

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