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Is Direct Traffic Right For Your AdSense Monetized Blog?

Is the maximum percentage of your AdSense monetize website traffic is direct traffic? You might face problems using AdSense for that.

No wonder that over 38.3 million websites use Google AdSense to monetize their content as it is the biggest content monetizing network in the world.

There are many websites, blogs that are generating a huge amount of revenue each month from AdSense. There are many prospects that make Google AdSense is best for blogs. Despite all the evens, there is a big concern with AdSense in their terms and conditions. They have strict policies to safeguard the advertiser's interest and to keep things transparent.

There are many policies ad publishers need to follow; otherwise, they might lose their AdSense account. A significant reason publishers often get their accounts suspended is the traffic source.

In this article, we will discuss direct traffic. Is it right for your AdSense monetized blog? It is a serious thing for all publishers because due to traffic reasons many AdSense accounts get suspended. Not only the account suspension, but the traffic source also affects your AdSense earnings.

Before diving into the main topic, firstly, see a brief introduction of various types of traffic.

Various types of traffics:

A website can receive traffic from the internet via various channels. To track your website performance, bounce rate, duration, CTR, and other metrics, most users use a free tool from Google, Google Analytics. This tool provides insights about your site and its interaction with search engines. Google Analytics categorizes traffic sources in four categories,

  1. Organic
  2. Direct
  3. Social
  4. Referral.

Organic traffic:

This traffic source is the most potent and high in quality. When someone searches for something on the internet and finds your site as result and then visits your platform that is called organic traffic. As you do not need to spend money to bring that kind of visitor to your traffic, that’s why it’s called the organic. Here you get the traffic that was most likely searching you.


In this world of the internet, no one does not use any social media network. In fact, most of the users on the internet use more than one social platform daily. So, the traffic you get from there is called social traffic. On social platforms, websites owners share content. When people click on the link you have shared, they land on your website. For any type of website, the lion’s share of their traffic is from various social channels.

Referral traffic:

Referral traffic is the ones that are availed from another website. It is not from the search engine, social or any PPC network. Many websites have external links from other websites. That means websites place your link to their website. Any visitor when clicking on those links, they land to your site. That means they are referring their traffic to your site.

However, there is also a widely used method that is typically used by businesses. That is called paid search. You spend money on the search engine to bring the visitor to your platform.

As mentioned earlier, social media is an excellent way to gain traffic to your website. So, there is also a paid option to bring visitors to your website.

However, let’s come to the main part.

Direct traffic:

Understanding direct traffic is as simple as it sounds. It is when someone types the URL of your website directly to their address tab and visits. Many visitors actually like your site content, and that’s why they bookmark your site. So, they just click on the bookmark and visit your site. That is also direct traffic.

Users, in many cases, click links placed on any word document, PDF file and visits your site. They are also counted as direct traffic of your site.

Many of you have may be familiar with the invalid traffic policy of AdSense, where publisher's accounts got suspended. It is a serious problem publisher commonly face. So, does direct count as invalid? Will it affect your AdSense account?

To understand the matter we need to understand little about the,

Traffic concerns of the AdSense:

Millions of businesses worldwide use Google Ads to promote their businesses. Through Google AdSense, those ads get served to the publisher sites. If advertisers don’t get enough conversions, they won’t run ads on Google further. That’s why all the aspects, from getting genuine clicks to the high-quality, interesting traffic, everything matters immense there. The traffic source, from where the traffic is coming from.

Organic traffic is the best preferred for AdSense:

As mentioned earlier, organic traffic comes by searching the exact thing that they are looking for. AdSense is a contextual ad network, which means it shows relevant ads to your content.

For example, you have an article on shoes.

Someone searches “running shoes,” and your site appeared to the search. Now the visitor will read your article, and at that moment, if any ads related to the running shoes appear, there is a big chance that the user will click on that ad with genuine interest. That’s why AdSense always prefers traffic that is coming directly from the search engine organically.

Now, there are many other traffic sources that publishers receive traffic from. But they see fewer CTR rates and CPC.

What happens with the direct traffic to your website?

When someone directly enters your website, Google Analytics and AdSense bots couldn't identify the traffic source. Besides the contextual ads, there is also user interested ads show on your site. Now, when the bots won't be able to identify the user, they cannot show the relevant ads. In many cases, as they cannot trace the traffic source there is a high chance to count those traffic as invalid. That might lead to your AdSense account suspension, ad serving limits, and more.

But, it is no by means that you can't have direct traffic to your website. I fact, you can not prevent direct traffic to your website. When you are using AdSense as the main income source, you should focus on the proportion of your website traffic. if your website has a balanced amount of organic traffic, social, and direct traffic, then chances are low to get account suspension.

Thanks for reading. We hope this was informative. Read more AdSense policy-related articles,

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