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Do Google Analytics effects On SEO Of Your Website?

Read the full article to know do really Google Analytics effects on SEO or not.

Most of us who have used the Google Analytics to their website might hear so many positive or negative myths about the Google Analytics effects on SEO.

Now in the world of internet Google is a dominant name. All over the world 80 % searches are made by the Google search engine. So sometimes when we use any product of Google, we might think that it will affect our SEO. In our previous article, we have described “Does Google AdWords Help in SEO?” Now we are going to talk about another tool of Google; Google Analytics. The GA (GA stands for the Google Analytics) is a very renowned and free analytics tool offered by Google. By the Google Analytics data, you can get a clear idea about your site’s status.

Before knowing Google Analytics effects on SEO know about what GA does, and also we are going to point out some points how to use Google Analytics to improve SEO.

Know Full Info About Google Anlytics Effects On S E O

Know About Your Visitors:

How much traffic you receive and learn about your visitors. You can track your visitor's lots of thing like: their geographical location, what devices they are used like mobile, computer or tablets. Beside of that, you can get a clear report about your audiences such as age and gender.

Identify Your Most Popular Web Page:

First of all, you can get a clear idea about your visitor’s behavior. And second, of that what they are searching on your web page, and how much time spent your users on your specific web page. You can track your most demandable web page by selecting behavior> site content>all pages. Beside of that you can reduce your bounce rate and increase the conversion rate of your website from this system. Bounce rate is a percentage of visitors who enter your site and left your website without visiting a second page. So you can clearly understand that homepage or landing page is playing a significant role to increase or decrease your bounce rate. You can easily compare with your most popular web pages and landing page by this tool.

Track Your Organic Traffic:

Every website’s one of the most important things is organic traffic. You can track and measure your organic traffic by the Analytics tools. At first, you should select your channels and acquisition from your devices. Then you can visually see your exact organic traffic by the clicking on plot rows and source/medium.

Track Your Mobile Traffic:

Now in the internet world smartphone user increasing day by day. So in this matter, you should need to create your website mobile friendly. If you ignore your mobile user, it can influence your SEO and search rankings. You can easily track your mobile users clicking through audience>mobile>overview.

To know more on the GA, you can read:- Know About Google Analytics, And How Does It Work.

Finally we would like to say the Google Analytics help SEO but not as like any trick or something likes that. If you want to be high on Google search results, then you have to work on the search engine optimization of your site. On the SEO you have to perform lots of work correctly. The GA shows you the results about the search engine optimization work you have done for. How your SEO work is fulfilling. You can get the report that where you need to improve on that, which sides you need to be more focused. Using the Analytics is also very easy; you just need to install Google Analytics on your website. The GA shows up you the reports on how much effort you have done on the search engine optimization. So we hope now you have all catch up about Google Analytics effects on SEO.

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