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AdMaven Review- Best Ad Network For Publishers To Earn High CPM?

Are you an ad publisher? looking for a CPM-based ad network that pays considerable high revenue? Then you might be interested in this AdMaven review.

Selling ad space to ad networks is an excellent and one of the widely used methods by publishers.

You just sign up to the ad network, agree to their terms, and then if you follow their criteria, they start showing an advertisement to your website.

These days that is not a difficult task for publishers. But getting the right ad network might be a little tricky job for you because it deices your earnings and your viewers' experience. Most bloggers and website owners prefer Google AdSense at first. If you want to choose affiliate centric ad network, VigLink would be a nice one.

However, if you are also searching for an ad network, then you may find this AdMaven review useful.

So, let's get started with,

What is AdMaven?

Many people searching for different ad networks might have heard of this because this platform is on the market since 2010. It is a popular display ad network that provides various types of ad formats to publishers. But, it is mostly known for its Pop-under ads.

On the platform, there is a different section for the publishers and the advertisers. This is different from Google, where advertisers visit Google Ads to promote their business. The ad publishers visit Google AdSense to join their ad network.

Besides the pop-under advertisements, AdMaven offers different type of ad formats too like,

  • Native Push Ads.
  • Push-In Page.
  • Interstitial Ads.
  • Lightbox Ads.

And more.

Native push ads:

These are the modern-day advertising technology that sends notifications to Smartphones, tablets, or desktops. These types of ads are highly engaging for the viewers. When a user is visiting your site, sending them a push ad often catches the interest.

Pop-under Ads:

Many of you have already experienced these types of ads. When you visit any website, you might have seen that suddenly another tab opens behind your current page. That’s called the pop-under ads. These ads are also one of the highest converting ads. They catch much retention of users.

Interstitial Ads:

Interstitial ads are those ads that cover the whole screen of the user. These ads usually appear when you move from one page to another. The ads are shown for a specific time, and during that time, they fit the host website or application.

Native Banner Ads:

These types of ads are widely known, and almost every person who surges through the internet has noticed. These are the ads placed on your website's webspace.

AdMaven Features for publishers:

AdMaven has many features that will attract ad publishers to join the platform.

Quick joining:

It is great with AdMaven that you do not need to wait to get approval or place ads on your site and serve them. Signing up as a publisher to AdMaven is very simple just enter the primary details such as email and name. That’s enough for joining. After confirming your email, you can join their ad publishing network right away.

Easy integration:

Integrating the ads into your website is also very easy to do. After joining their program, you need to paste the URL of your website, where you are likely to show AdMaven ads. Then select the ad type from the given ones. After that, you can get the ad code from “Create tag” that’s it. Now you only need to paste the ad code to your website header. It is as simple as that.

Intuitive dashboard:

The AdMaven publisher dashboard is very clean and easy to use. At the left side, Site management, payment details, reports have been given. In contrast, you can overview the insight from the outside too.

Quick support:

AdMaven offers support through various channels. Such as phone calls, emails, and Telegram. If you face trouble while serving ads, you can directly call them or ask their Telegram channel. There you will find help 24 hours.

Highest CPM:

AdMaven provides one of the highest CPM in the ad network industry. On average it provides around $1 CPM.

Multiple ad formats to choose from:

Numerous ad formats have a specific nature and conversion capability. Also, every site has a different type of readers and their preferences. So, you need to pick up the ad format in such a way so that your readers do not get bothered by the ads. Herewith AdMaven, you get a wide range of ad formats to choose from. You can implement any ad type as per your requirement.

Full ad coverage:

Publishers often face a major issue that ad-blind spot which causes revenue loss. There is a certain percentage of ad-blind spots with many ad networks that means visitor comes, but due to various reasons, ads do not come up. But with AdMaven, offer a 100% ad fill rate. That means you will see no revenue loss for not showing ads.

Now, let’s come to the

Payment of AdMaven:

AdMaven settles your earnings on a monthly basis. There are several options available, by which you can take your payment. The payment options include PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin.

The threshold amount in AdMaven is $50. However, if you are willing get payment via Bank Transfer, your threshold amount is different. With the wire transfer, the threshold amount is $1000. So, it is better to have a PayPal and Payoneer account and receive the money there.


Well, there are lots of options available for the publishers available on the internet that’s true but if you are looking for a CPM-based ad network, AdMaven would be an excellent choice for you. Compared to other Monetization platforms, it has hassle-free sign-up and approval. This platform is most suitable for new websites, which have plenty of traffic but just started their journey. However, if you wish to use other ad networks with it, you can do so.

Try AdMaven

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