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Know What Is Quora And How You Can Use It?

See How You Can Use Quora For Your Various Reasons.

It is very much possible that you are searching for anything on the internet and suddenly an answer comes from a website named Quora. 

Since the past few years, when the internet becomes accessible, it impacts our daily life profoundly. From business to entertainment, from food to travel anywhere in the world, the internet has changed the whole thing — one major problem the internet has solved that it helps us to find a solution to our problems.

Before the internet era, if we need to get any information on something, we search it on books or magazines. If the topic would vast, we would go to the libraries and study lots of books and spend time to explore our query. But thanks to the internet, now we do not need to spend much time searching. With an internet connection and an online device, we can seek information, whatever we want. We type our query and a few clicks; that’s it. Hardly there are some topics that are not available virtually.

When we search for anything on Google, so many websites come to our result page. From there, we find the answer to our query. To give us meaningful and relevant answers, blogs, and websites put their effort.

Besides Google, Bing, and other search engines, one website is very popular to give us answers. Now, most of us, this platform to find our queries.

When we search for something on Google, it shows the most relevant answers to us, but sometimes we fail to get that correctly. Quora is a platform, where we can find our exact answers not only one, it would be more than one. Here many people often give their answers as per their expertise. But do you know you can do many more things on Quora rather than just putting the question and answer? In this article, we will be discussing what Quora is, for what purposes you can use it, and what you should be avoiding on Quora.

What is Quora?

Quora is a user-generated question and answer websites where at aside, we can ask questions, and on the other hand, we can get answers for that too. It is an excellent platform for finding solutions and questions.

It was first introduced in 2009 by Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever. In the beginning, it was only just a short question-answer website with having minimal user interaction, but now it is one of the most significant sites on the internet.

Currently, Quora has 300 million monthly active users worldwide.

Who can use Quora?

Anyone who is online can use Quora, and it is entirely free to use. For using it, you have to create an account there, and there you have to put your preferred language, your interesting topics, you can upload your picture, update your information.

What should you avoid doing on Quora?

Quora is still the most significant question-answer website, and the number of users has grown very fast. But, Some people likely to use Quora as a backlink generating platform because it is a very popular website, and it’s DA (domain authority), and PA(page authority)is high. People often put links on their answers with the intention of gaining external links. They embed the link of their website or blog to get the search engine optimization benefit. That might not be a good idea. Because Quora is to help people, and you cannot use it for your own profit. If you put excessive links on your answer, they will count it as spam and might block your Quora account.

How can you use Quora?

Quora has numerous applications. There are many usages available and they are as follows.

Ask any question:

You Can Ask Your Question On Quora

Although Google is the biggest search engine, people search their queries but, due to Quora’s popularity, people now submit their queries on The Quora too if they do not find a satisfactory answer to their question. It is a question-answer site, and of course, you can ask a question here whatever you want.

Answer if you can:

If You Know The Answer Give It To A Large Audience

When you create the account on the platform and select your expertise and preference, Quora send you questions as notification or via mail if you wish to receive emails. You can craft your answer beautifully. To better explain your solution, you can use images too.

Write blogs:

You Can Write Blog On Quora

Besides the question-answer, on Quora, you can write blogs too. Here you can find blog post option to publish content. As most of the blog platforms, Quora offers you much design writing exciting blogs. As this platform has a massive number of audiences, you can easily get so many views on your blog. Besides that, people can follow their blogs.

Use it for marketing:

Promote Your Business Without Investing Money

Quora is an excellent tool for any business or a person looking to reach a vast number of people without spending any amount. Any platform which has a considerable number of users can be used as an excellent place for marketers to find potential consumers. There are plenty of ways to do so. Firstly you can reach your audiences by simply answering. Suppose you are an SEO service provider, and you have an account in Quora. People who have a query on SEO services often ask a question on the platform. There you can submit your answer and promote your SEO service business. From there, you can get your potential customers.

Use quora as a paid advertising platform:

Start Your Paid Advertisements On Quora

If you have the potential to spend money on your advertisements, Quora has that option too. Quora provides a native text-based ad unit on the platform. You can select your ads by three main target options; geography, topic, and platform. To run the advertisements, you have to create a business account on Quora.

You can create it from here

You can earn money from Quora:

Join Quora Partner Program To Earn Money Online

A couple of times ago, Quora introduced its Quora Partner program. That allows people to make money from Quora. It very simple just you have to ask questions on Quora. Quora recently started monetizing their question and answer quite similarly to Google AdSense. Here you submit your question, and people answer them. As many answers are on it, Quora get ad space and show ads on them. Here you get paid through the ad impressions. To join the Quora partner program first, you need to create an account on Quora. Then you have to be active on that platform. If they find that you are genuinely an active contributor, they will invite you to join the Quora partner program. After joining there, as per the impressions, you will be earning money.

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