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What Is Shared Web Hosting And Who Can Use It?- Explained In Detail

Some Important Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shared Web Hosting.

Shared web hosting is the most popular web hosting on the internet. But, people often get confused, is it right or them because there are many issues too.

If you have any business idea online or want to start an online business, you must need a website, and for your website existence, hosting is imminent. As per business needs, there are different types of web hosting available on the internet. Among all kinds of hosting, one kind of hosting is much more popular and in use too. That is shared web hosting. This type of hosting is widely used by people all over the globe.
In this article, we will discuss what is shared hosting and who can use the shared web hosting.

What is a shared web hosting?

Before understanding what has shared hosting, we have to understand what web hosting is. In simple words, you can consider web hosting as a virtual high-performance CPU, where all you keep your entire website content such as photos, videos, codlings, and all other things of your website. The hosting serves your website to people. Without web hosting, you cannot make your website.

As there are different type of computers and CPUs, are various type of hosting too. Hostings like,

  • VPS web hosting.
  • Managed web hosting’,
  • Dedicated web Server.
  • Shared web hosting.
  • Reseller hosting.

are well known.

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There are a couple more types of hosting and servers available, but among all of them, shared web hosting is used by a large number of people.
Now come to the point of what is shared hosting.
You can get an idea of the hosting by its term, Shared, and that’s actually what it is.

Except for the dedicated ones every hosting is made from a server. Owning a dedicated web hosting is owning a whole server. When you go for shared web hosting, that means there are many similar websites being hosted from the same server. It is like you are in a flat where lots of other people or families are living too. A web server costs a massive amount so not every people can afford it. When they go for the shared ones, they get cheap pricing. Every server has a unique IP and all the users on the server use the same IP as it is shared hosting.
Now, let’s see some

Advantages of shared hosting:

1. The first and utmost benefit of shared hosting is its low pricing. You can find shared hosting as low as $ 5 or even less. It is beneficial for those who have a tight budget. Web hosting companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, and SiteGround are popular in this field. You can read,

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2. Another benefit of shared hosting is, that you need minimal knowledge of hosting and its functionality as you do not get the main server access. Your hosting provider takes care of your and other users’ hostings. Here we would like to mention, that now lots of tools are available to create your website with ease. You can also use builders such as website builders for photography to create your page very easily. However, back to the point.
3. With your shared hosting account, you get cPanel or a similar type application to manage your website, and its activities.
4. Typically shared hosting servers have been taken care of frequently as there are so many websites and users. If anything wrong happens, lots of people will face issues. So, the web hosting company monitors it thoroughly. Of course, it is not comparable with the dedicated ones or higher hosting, but compared to the pricing, it is quite well.

Some disadvantages of using shared hosting:

1. The main problem with shared hosting is its performance.
‘If your site is getting more traffic or your site is heavy, the performance will go down with shared hosting. You may face slow performance with your website. But one thing you need to consider that as it is the entry-level hosting, you cannot complain much about the performance.
2. The second significant disadvantage is its security issues. So many people, so many websites are connected to the same hosting, so there might security-related problems with shared hosting. You are a fair user and doing nothing wrong, but other sites can make mistakes, and all of the shared hosting users would face the problem.

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3. If you are using shared hosting from a reputed web hosting company, then it’s ok. But if you are using an unreported company, you might face lots of troubles. As with the shared hosting, you do not get the server access, and your activity has limited there, sometimes companies give you fewer space, fewer bandwidth, which leads to low performance.
4. You get very few options with shared hosting, and your activity is restricted from most of the features. With the shared plans, you get very few features.
Now, if you read the [above portion, you might have understood many things about the shared hosting.
Now the question is,

Who can use the shared hosting?

Well, there are no restrictions on who can use it or who cannot. It depends on the budget and needs.
If you are just going to start your blogging career, want to start your website, that will be ok for you to start with the shared web hosting. Usually, new bloggers do not have a considerable income and cannot invest much amount; also, a new blog does not get high traffic. So, their first attempt with shared web hosting is the right choice. But if you can afford the higher hosting packages, then it is better to with it because, by the time you will gain more audience, more traffic, and with shared ones, you will be unable to give an excellent user experience.
For businesses, if you have a small business and you want to use your website as a just portfolio to your customers, do not do business with your site, then it is ok to go with shared hosting.

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