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Why Do People Migrate Their Websites To Another Hosting Provider?

Even after researching a lot about the hosting provider and then option there, certainly, there are so many strong reasons you would want to migrate your website to another hosting provider in the future.

Well, the topic of website migration isn’t that something which is a must require a thing that every website owner should know about. But, it’s typical that most new website owners do not know about website migration.

In this article, we are going to explore some of the reasons that lead website owners to switch to another hosting company. But before we go to the reasons, let’s understand what website migration is actually. However, if you still haven't found the right hosting provider and searching for it, you can consider reading- Useful Tips To Choose The Right Hosting- For Beginner To Large Sites.

What is website migration?

To put it simply, website migration is moving your website data from the existing server or hosting to another server or hosting. If you are searching for a while about web hosting, you probably know that web hosting actually works as a virtual space, where all of your website content be it images, coding, and all other files that are inevitable for your website stays there.

Now when you think of migrating your website from one server to another, that means moving all those files to the new destination. If it's done perfectly only some particular things change in the background of your website. On the front, no one can see observe that you have migrated your website at all.

Here are some things, that might be confusing about website migration.

 Does website migration affect the SEO performance of your site?

Not at all. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is about indexing your website data to the search engine. Once your website is live, its data starts getting stored in the search engine database. However, If your website or web URLs are down for a certain period of time, it does not bother your ranking at all. In the meantime when you migrate your website, if you do not take the required measures, your website may work quite differently, and search engine crawlers may find some or the whole of your website URL unreachable. However, in long as your website is again in the same position, it does not have any serious effect on your website SEO.

Search engine optimization is a long-term process and after gaining your website ranking for a certain period of time, your website ranking does not get affected by migrating your website.

How much time does it take to migrate a website?

Well, the answer is quite simple. It depends on your website data and functionality. For example, when you try to copy-paste something from your desktop to your Pendrive, it depends on how big data you are transferring. In the same way, if your website is massive, and has huge data, it will take much more time compared to a website that is quite simple and has less data.

Besides, it also depends on who is doing the process. A much more experienced person can do the thing quite quickly. There are many technologies now available which make the job much quicker and easier.

Can you migrate your website on your own?

Well, if you have proper knowledge of website migration and knowledge of this technical stuff, you can go for it. But if you have little to no knowledge, in that regard, you better stay away from that. The process is quite critical. A small mistake would lead to several problems for your site. As the matter of fact, your website might work properly if the migration process has not been followed properly.

However, let’s check the causes why people usually migrate their host to another hosting provider.

Poor website loading speed:

Your website loading speed has a direct connection with the bounce rate, SEO performance, and your website. According to various statistics reports, each microsecond of delay in loading leads considered a number of bounce rates. So, it is obvious that your website loads quicker.

Well, that is a vital reason why website owners prefer switching to another hosting company. People who go with the cheapest in the industry, the shared hosting faces this kind of issue the most. In shared hosting, many companies sell as much hosting as they much from a single server. When the number of users rises immense and start using the resource in a massive way, all other websites situated on that server fasces the slow loading speed. At the time when you just opt-in to a hosting company, you might not see any problem but next to the future if it happens, you left no other option than to migrate your website to another hosting provider.

Better pricing options available:

If you look at the pricing of hosting plans, you might see they are quite expensive. In case, you are fascinated by seeing that you are getting one month of hosting at the cost of less than a cup of coffee then you might not aware of the behind story.

Actually, all the pricing of shared hosting, VPS, or dedicated hosting is shown low when you pay for a long time at once. If you choose to pay monthly you would see the pricing is immensely high. Another thing to consider before you choose your hosting provider is, after the once time payment what are the renewal charges?

When you pay for two years or three years at once, you get a massively discounted price. But after that, you have to count that huge amount.

That is also a major reason, people switch their hosting provider when the duration is over. Many people, who have the full technical knowledge of migrating their websites, actually migrate their sites when the renewal time arrives. That’s how they save a huge amount of renewal charges.

Awful customer support:

No matter how good your hosting provider is, it would have downtime. Besides, for certain reasons, you may face several complications. Think that, at the peak of your business when so many potential customers are visiting your website suddenly your website got crashed or your bandwidth ends, or other issues happened.

The first thing you are going to do is contact your hosting provider. Now, if your hosting provider does not respond to your call immediately, you are going to see massive losses to your business.

So, poor customer support is also a genuine reason people change their hosting provider. So, preferring to top and reputed hosting providers minimizes the chances of neglecting your queries as they have a 24×7 dedicated support team.

When you require higher resources:

Most newbies try their hand in that field by embracing the shared hosting plans as it is cheap and they do not have any higher requirements. But, if their business grows, and traffic increases, they are going to need more bandwidth, more disk space, and other resources.

So if you are moving to dedicated hosting, or VPS from the shared ones, switching to another hosting provider may save a lot of money as you get the same huge discount when you buy your previous hosting plan.

When your hosting provider is no more credible:

Many website owners face site hacking and other security breaches that are certainly caused by the hosting provider’s end. If you are doing business, you have to spend a lot on it. The investment is much higher than a typical blog or simple website. Now, that your website got hacked, you are going to face huge losses. So, if your hosting provider does not provide strong security, you better switch to another company.

These are some common reasons people typically change their hosting provider. However, if you are thinking of building your website and searching for the perfect hosting, you can read the below-mentioned articles on top hosting providers.

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