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Why Serverwala Pasadena Dedicated Server Hosting Helps to Improve Online Ranking?

No matter how well you design your website or how valuable content you incorporate into it, your website will not accumulate traffic if it does not get a high rank over the search engines. Though there are many factors that define how search engines will rank your website, the most crucial one depends on your hosting server. Here you will have insights into how a dedicated server Pasadena can serve as the best solution to let your website acquire the best possible rank from the search engines. Let us first understand dedicated server hosting Pasadena.

Dedicated Server in Pasadena

Dedicated server hosting Pasadena is a kind of hosting where you get the entire physical server to host your website. With the physical server, you acquire all the web resources such as random access memory, disk space, operating system, central processing unit, etc., that function only for your website. The dedicated server Pasadena renders the private, isolated, and secure hosting environment. You will not have to share the server space with other users until you want for your profit. You can customize your server the way you wish. You get the full authority to configure, run, and manage your dedicated server in Pasadena. You can install the operating system that serves the best to your website and supports the maximum applications you want to run on your website.

The Pasadena dedicated server gives the full value of its cost. You get the flexibility to scale your web resources quickly whenever your website requires them. With the dedicated server Pasadena, you can acquire a lot of privileges and benefits to advance your website with utmost flexibility. Dive into the following section to know who must get a Pasadena-based dedicated server for their websites.

For Whom Pasadena Dedicated Server is Helpful?

It does not matter what kind of website you own. If you need to have the following factors to host your website, the dedicated server Pasadena will serve as the perfect hosting solution for you.


If you require extreme performance from your website or you require to run heavy applications, a dedicated server in Pasadena must be your choice to host your website. With the Best dedicated server hosting in Pasadena, your website acquires the dedicated support of web resources and robust hardware.


Since the dedicated server Pasadena offers an independent and private hosting environment, your website gets a high level of protection from all data breaches, cyber-attacks, malicious programs, and other security threats. All your company's operations, personal information, databases, transactions, and financial details are being protected under the Best dedicated server in Pasadena. Moreover, you also get the opportunity to add further higher security layers to ensure the full safety of your website data.


With all the other types of hosting plans apart from the dedicated server Pasadena, you can not get the entire control over your manner. They provide control but it is always limited up to a certain limit. However, with the dedicated server in Pasadena, you will have complete control and will be able to do everything from installing the preferable control panel to the required applications.

How Dedicated Server Hosting Pasadena Helps in SEO?

Till now, you have gone through the dedicated server Pasadena meaning and how it functions. You also got to know who can benefit from the dedicated server hosting in Pasadena. Let us move on to apprehend how it can play a huge role in letting your website acquire the best possible ranking over the search engines.

Basically, the best-dedicated server in Pasadena helps in the SEO of your website up to a greater extent. For those who do not know about SEO, here is a brief description.

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. It is the field of study and practice that helps you to build content, modify data and metadata, and manage the website in a way such that it ranks well for search phrases across popular search engines such as Google and Bing.

There are around 200 suspected search ranking factors based on which the most popular search engine, Google, ranks your website. Some are known, and others are not. However, three of the most crucial factors definitely depend on the type of hosting service you opt for your website. Let us go through them and learn how a dedicated server in Pasadena helps to achieve the same.

1. Loading time:

The search engine will always give preference to those websites whose web pages get loaded quickly. That is because it aims to provide its users the best experience for their search results. With the best-dedicated server in Pasadena, the website pages load in the minimum possible time as the dedicated server Pasadena renders the support of dedicated web resources and an independent hosting environment.

2. Uptime:

If your website receives multiple downtimes, the search engine will automatically lower its ranking. When you host your website on a Pasadena dedicated server, you can have the maximum uptime. The dedicated server hosting Pasadena provides high flexibility, customization, and scalability to make use of everything that is required to make your website function efficiently in all situations.

3. Location:

With the dedicated server Pasadena, you can have a flexible choice of server location. Thus, you can have the possibility to get closer to your target audience. The search engine will rank your website higher when the users close to your server attempt to search for the same services as you provide. However, with the other hosting options, this factor is not always present.

Why is Serverwala the Best Provider of USA Based Dedicated Server in Pasadena?

You must pick the right dedicated server hosting Pasadena provider to ensure that you accumulate the privileges and benefits of the Best dedicated server in Pasadena. The Serverwala hosting company is among the most leading and influential organizations of the corporate world. It has achieved various recognition awards for providing the most affordable hosting services all over the globe. The Serverwala company provides a cheap dedicated server in Pasadena with a wide range of cheap hosting plans and packages. Following mentioned are some of the significant benefits you can attain with the Serverwala cheap dedicated server Pasadena-

  • The company provides the premium bandwidth with the highest connectivity.
  • It renders 24/7 technical support through its trained and certified professionals who are always on their toes to provide expert solutions in the minimum possible time.
  • It provides DDoS protection with a high level of security with an SSL certificate and 2048 encryption.
  • You will have enterprise-grade hardware with a compelling combination of hardware tools, incorporating RAM, SSD, and Intel Core processor.
  • Your website will have low latency and will be able to run at twenty times faster speed.
  • Your website will have a 100% network uptime guarantee with the Serverwala dedicated server Pasadena.


Most importantly, with the company's managed best-dedicated server Pasadena hosting plan, your website will have regular backup service. The backup service will ensure that you can recover your all website data quickly if anything wrong happens. Thus, you can rest assured that you will not be going to lose your website data in any case. Connect with the Serverwala professionals to ask any of your queries or gain further information about the best-dedicated server in Pasadena. They are available round-the-clock via different communication modes such as Whatsapp, Skype, Live Chat, Email, Phone Call, etc., to answer all your inquiries. You can communicate with them anytime over your preferred communication mode.

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