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When You Should Switch To VPS Hosting From Shared Hosting?

Most businesses or website owners start their journey with shared hosting, but there are circumstances when you need to go for VPS hosting.

Shared hosting is a basic level of hosting, so people need upgradation. If you want to scale up, VPS is the next option. In its article, we are going to mention the situation when you need to switch to VPS hosting from shared hosting. But before we start, let's have a brief look at,

What is VPS hosting?

The word VPS is the abbreviation of a virtual private server. The server is a much more complex machine that contains a hard disk, processor, RAM, bandwidth, and many other things that are very technical and quite hard to understand. But a web server can be assumed a high-performing computer CPU.

A VPS is part of a whole server. Well, the server is a physical machine and cannot be in part. Using state-of-the-art software it is divided into parts. On a whole server, multiple VPSs can be situated and works fine. People, who have little knowledge of these things would know that there are three types of web hosting solutions available.

  • Shared hosting.
  • VPS hostings.
  • Dedicated hostings.

What Is V P S Web Hosting Explained


When do you need to switch VPS hostings?

 As we aforesaid, there are three types of web hosting, there is no such thing prevent you from choosing your preferred hosting. But, there are many situations and aspects that evolve that drive person to choose different hosting types.

Your website gained a reputation:

The most affordable and widely chosen web hosting type is shared hosting. The main reason people choose is it’s very very cheap compared to other hostings. Even many reputed companies offer shared hosting plans in less than a cup of coffee. Naturally, when you are paying less, you won’t get enough features to scale up your site. Once you start your website, and it starts to flourish, start getting more traffic, it would be better to switch to VPS hostings. Shared hosting is for complete beginners, you cannot drive heavy traffic on it, you cannot build complex functionalities. If you experience a sudden traffic hike, it may go down. Reputation means a lot online. When your visitors will land on your site and find it is down, it will impact your website image. 

You are about to start an eCommerce business:

If you are about to start your eCommerce business then shard hosting is definitely not the one you would want to choose. Ecommerce websites require many functionalities and lots of heavy mechanism as it involves many things such as vendor system, payment mechanism(payment gateways), extra security features and many more. Now, to hold that many additions you are going to need some extra that shared hosting does not offer at all. Besides, when you are selling something, it has to be capable of serving many visitors. So, if your going to start your online store, VPS hosting is the cheapest solution you can opt-in.

When you need more security:

Security is a major concern for website owners. Security thefts, website vulnerabilities are common things in today's internet world. If you are skeptical about your website security, embracing VPS would be an option you would like to choose. Below we are mentioning only one security aspect with the VPS.

On a server, so many shared hosting can be created, and just like a computer or smartphone or similar type of connectivity device, the server also has an IP. When you choose shared web hosting, the hosting company typically does not allow you to integrate a dedicated IP to your hosting. 

Now, one may assume what is all about dedicated hosting? 

Shared hosting is not the only one that is hosting on a server. There are many shared hosting that is simultaneously using the resources of the server and most importantly, they are using the same IP. Now, if one of the hosting owners do something spammy and got penalized by authorities, aloof the websites that are hosting through the server will get penalized. That would affect all websites in the same way. So, it is better to have a dedicated IP for your website. You get the dedicated IP options typically with VPS hostings. That provides additional security with a virtual private server.

When you require more access:

VPS offers not only enhanced security but also additional functionalities. VPS almost mimics an actual server and you get too many features that a dedicated server offers. 

With shared hosting, you cannot do much either have more functionalities. VPS offers you root access that offers full access to your hosting. The root access allows you to install any third-party software on your hosting such as MySQL, Apache, etc. When you choose a VPS, you get lots of security features from your hosting provider, but if you wish to add more security tools to your hosting, you will need root access. 

 You can modify the access permission to other accounts. You can add an account, grant access, and if you require, revoking can also be performed. It's administrative access indeed that allows you full control over Linux machines. You can change the security settings of your hosting too. But, the dedicated hosting root access is different from the VPS root access.

When you do not have a budget for dedicated hosting:

Dedicated hosting is the highest features, power, and performance you can have but it is very costly. A normal dedicated hosting typically costs at least $100 a month. That is huge no doubt and if you do not have a good budget, you cannot go with it. But, VPS hosting can give you almost the same features and options at a way more cheap cost. If you want to host a big website or want to host software, you can host it to a VPS hosting and in that case, dedicated hosting is not must-have. Besides, you have scalable options with VPS hosting. As your requirement grows, you can have enhanced features.

These are the situations when you should switch to VPS web hosting. But, it is very important to note that VPS hosting is nearly the same a dedicated hosting. So, if one does not have proper knowledge of managing servers, one should avoid purchasing VPS hosting.

However, below we are mentioning the two most popular VPS web hosting companies.


Bluehost is one of the renowned hosting providers that offer extensive VPS solutions. This US-based company offers reliable hosting solutions. It offers three VPS hosting plans for users.



The entry-level VPS solution offers 2 CPU cores, 30GB SSD storage, 2GB RAM, 1TB bandwidth, and 1 IP address. The pricing of the plan starts at$18.99 per month.


That plan offers enhanced features such as 2TB bandwidth, 4GB RAM, 2 IP addresses, and 60GB SSD storage. But you get only the same 2 CPU cores with that plan. The plan costs $29.99 per month.


It is the most powerful VPS plan in Bluehost. It offers 4 CPU cores, 120GB SSD storage, 8GB RAM, and 3TB bandwidth. Similar to the ENHANCED plan, it provides 2IP addresses. The ULTIMATE plan starts at$59.99 per month.

Try Bluehost


The next hosting company we would introduce is HostGator. It is also a US-based company that is very popular.

HostGator also offers three hosting plans like Bluehost.

Snappy2000, Snappy 4000, and Snappy 8000. HostGator offers 6 different billing cycles, and the lowest price only can be availed with the 36 monthly plan.

Snappy 2000:

This plan offers 2GB RAM, 2 CPU cores, and 120GB SSD storage. The 36-month billing cycle offers this plan at $ 19.95 per month.

Snappy 4000:

The Snappy 4000 plan is available at $29.95 per month price and it offers 4GB RAM, 2CPU cores, 165GB SSD storage.

Snappy 8000:

The most expensive VPS hosting plan in HostGator is this, and it features 8GB RAM, 4 CPU cores, and 240GB SSD storage. The price for 36 months billing cycle is $39.95 per month.

Try HostGator

There are many other web hosting providers such as Hostinger, GoDaddy, A2hosting, and many more that are also very popular.

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