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Stop Disabling AdSense Account for Invalid Activity

Invalid activity deductions, what is this? It is a common question from many Google AdSense publishers being asked.

In this article, we are going to describe why publishers have invalid activity deductions and how to fix that issue. It is very necessary because if you do not take action on that your AdSense account might get the ban.

Many things are there into to Google AdSense and AdSense account which Google deemed to invalid activities. One of the main from them is fraud clicks and impressions. Fraud activities and fraud impressions are those which are happed artificially not organic. Sometimes people use the wrong ways to gain clicks and impressions to their website or webpage. The impression or click could be done by bots or by using any other artificial way which is invalid. There would be many ways to do so.

However, all these are not genuine. By using those things people get more clicks and more impressions on their website or webpage, to generate more revenue from AdSense. But there are many causes which are not done deliberately. Sometimes it happens for not knowing the things properly. One of them is if you do not implement the ads correctly and adequately that could also be a cause of having invalid activity deductions.

Google strictly monitor the invalid activities done by many publishers or happen accidentally. There are parameters of Google to measure of impression and clicks ratio. So, if Google finds about invalid activity, they can take action on this.

Now let’s talk about how you can prevent from occurring accidental clicks.

  • Ad Implementation:

Ad Implementation-08-10-2018

Ad implementation is a very crucial part to prevent the accidental clicks. You know there are many things on a webpage; contents, pictures and other, Medias. You should integrate the ads to your website in such a way so that a visitor clearly can understand the ads and the contents. You should maintain a distance between your contents and the advertisements. You can indicate the ads by writing above them ads. So, that a visitor can clearly define that which are the contents and which are the ads. This term is not only for desktops or computers but especially for Cell phones also. On the cell phones, the screen is small, and a visitor can get confused, and he can click on the ads accidentally. While you are implementing the ads you should monitor your webpage is there any chances of accidental clicks or not.

  • Site Authorization:

Site Authorization-08-10-2018

The second thing you can do to prevent accidental clicks is your Site Authorization. If people visit your webpage and click on inspect and can get your ad source code and they can implement to another site which you don’t own. If those sites do not implement the ads correctly, they can affect you the accidental clicks. To prevent the accidental clicks from others and for the ad codes, the best thing you can do is turn on Site Authentication.

  • Your Site Traffic:

You Site Traffic-08-10-2018

The last and the most important thing is understanding your site’s traffic. You need to study in detail about your traffic. Like from where your visitors are coming, by what sources they are coming what URLs they are using to reach your site. You can search about that by using Google Analytics and these kinds of tools. If you are using third parties to promote your website and to market then make sure about your partner. If you deal with low quality or cheap partners to make the promotion of your site, there might be a chance they are using any unfair or artificial way to do results better. They can post your URL to some specialize platforms on some special social platforms to increase your matrices. However, these kinds of ways are not organic interaction they are artificially created. So it is very important to where and to which platforms, to which communities your website URL being posted by our partners.

Hope you get the idea on what invalid activity deductions are how to prevent it from being happened. Thank you for reading this if you find this is helpful or you wants to give suggestions, please comment below.

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