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Why Content Is King: SEO Focus Beyond The Keywords

There is a popular misconception still circulating among many enterprises who have failed to keep pace with the ever-evolving world of SEO.

That is the science of SEO (search engine optimization) marketing.

It’s an obsolete idea left over from the early days of internet search technology, which states that content should be formulated with keywords and phrases (long-tailed keywords) merely to attract the search engine robots. Today, old stale content which focuses only on static keywords, while disregarding the relevant human interest factor, is not likely to be very successful. In fact, a keyword-stuffed article may pay a heavy ranking penalty when trying to appease the almighty Google algorithm gods of SEO marketing.

Search Engine and Content Marketing:

S E O And Content Marketing Picture

Search engine algorithms have evolved to a higher level of sophistication and now filter out and even penalize minimally relevant content “stuffed” with keywords and phrases. The search engine giants set up shell companies such as Leap Force and Lion bridge which use crowd sourcing to hire armies of human search engine evaluators who back up the bots. Specific content which is “fresh” and topical can be rewarded with a boost in the rankings. Content marketing is all about being in the right place at the right time with the right information which human searchers, the potential customers who are the bulls eye of any marketing campaign are seeking.

Authority, Credibility, and User Satisfaction:

Authority Credibility And User Satisfaction

SEO rankings can be raised by developing content with authority and credibility, providing thought leadership, and highlighting those areas in which your business excels. Specific articles providing useful up-to-date information about products or services, which engage and satisfy the human user’s original query, will always meet the more demanding ranking factors of today’s SEO programs. More specific queries answered by the related content on frequently updated blogs or news sections on a website keep it fresh, meaning better ranking which translates to more traffic drivers for flagging in and converting searchers to customers once they land at the site.

Tailored Content for the Target Audience:

Tailored Content For The Target Audience

The old days of appealing to the search engine “web crawlers and spiders” alone for top ranking on the results pages are over. Content in today’s digital business market must address the needs of real people, anticipating and answering human queries in real time, providing fresh, interesting, relevant material geared for the targeted human audience who has initiated the search. This is accomplished by a detailed analysis of current content and outreach techniques, and tailoring fresh content optimized to embrace those parameters and drive profit.

Knowing that human target audience and tailoring specific content for the human demographic is the first step in a successful digital content marketing strategy that goes far beyond the obsolete keyword strategies of the old millennium.

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