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Earn Money Online Easily From Cuelinks Affiliate Marketing

Indian bloggers gets a new way of earn money online through Cuelinks affiliate marketing Program. It is easy to make money online with Cuelinks.

Indian bloggers get a new way to earn money online through Cuelinks affiliate marketing Program. It is easy to make money online with Cuelinks.

If you run a blog website, then you might know the income is from the ads and Affiliate Marketing. For the ads, most of us use Adsense. For the affiliate marketing, we need to contact the company whom we want to take affiliate link. For a blogger sometimes it gets tough to contact all companies. For this issue, Indian bloggers now have an exact solution, Cuelinks.

Cuelinks as Affiliate Marketing:

Cuelinks is a content monetization network for the Indian bloggers and the publishers. The concept of Cuelinks is based on affiliate marketing. Here you don’t need to go separately to the companies for their affiliate links. Cuelinks has both places for advertisers and publishers or bloggers.

For Advertisers:

As an advertiser, there are lots of famous companies on the list. Like Amazon, Flipkart, MakeMyTrip, Domino’s Pizza, BigRock,, Big Basket and lots of more. They have over 600+ merchants into their portal.

There is a place for a blogger or publishers. For a registered blogger, they provide Javascript code which automatically converts merchant website affiliate links. Bloggers just need to place the links on their blog or website.

Earn Money Online with Cuelinks:

Whenever a visitor clicks on those affiliate links and, the product bloggers gets a commission for that. The commission varies to merchants. But Cuelinks put 25 % commission from a purchase for them and pay 75% to the bloggers which are very decent. For a payout, you must have to get minimum Rs.500 as aggregate commission. They got 10 million+ clicks on a month on their provided affiliate links. As you can see, there are lots of chances to make money online for the people who are in blogging with Cuelinks.

How does it work?

Cuelinks offers six products to bloggers or publishers. But to receive the facilities and to get access to the products at first you have to sign in on Cuelinks. It is straight forward to give the required details there.

  • Cuelinks:

Cuelinks-How it Work Picture

They will provide you javascript code. You have to install the code into your website’s header tag. That will automatically convert your content links into the money making affiliate programming links.

  • Cuewords:

Cuelnks CueWords

By this product, they monetize content in seconds and identify most relevant- keywords of the material. With just a single click the keywords can be converted into affiliate links.

  • Cuewidgets:

This product scans your content and shows the most related and relevant ads according to the content. That maximizes the chances of the clicks by visitors, and this can lead you more to earn money online.

  • Cueapps:

Cuelinks Cueapps

Publishers can monetize their apps too as well as the website. This Cuelinks SDK is fully mobile optimized. That enables you to easily monetize your mobile apps. With this product, you can earn money from the affiliate links in your mobile apps.

  • Chrome Extension:

Cuelinks Chrome Extention

Cuelinks provides Chrome extension to the bloggers.  A blogger can generate affiliate links instantly with this of the respective products. They can also compare merchant’s payout with this tool.

  • WordPress Plug-In:

Cuelinks WordPress Plugin

You don’t need to have the in-depth coding knowledge to monetize your blog site. If your site is developed in WordPress, then you just have to install the plug-ins, and then your blogging site will be monetized.

If you are a blogger, then you might know in some aspects affiliate marketing can help more to earn money online instead of AdSense. The most important thing is for Cuelinks you don’t need to compromise AdSense or any other ad publisher. You can easily run two things on your blogging site. The payment process is also good for bloggers. The Cuelinks is working for years, and if you have lots of Indian traffic on your blog, you can give it a try. There are lots of bloggers who are already making money online with Cuelinks.

Thanks for reading this if you find this is helpful or if you have suggestions, please comment below.

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