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Best Hosting Affiliate Programs That Pay Really High Commission

Are you an affiliate and additionally interested in web hosting services? You can make a good income by joining the best hosting affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most genuine ways that people can rely on to generate income each month. But the earnings depend on the affiliate niche, commission percentage, and of course the effort you put into the field.

But if you are looking in general for a high-paying affiliate niche, all will agree that web hosting referral programs would be among them. Web hosting is amongst those niches that are flourishing right now.

So, if you are interested in web host affiliate programs, you have landed at the right place. In this article, we are going to curate some of the top hosting referral programs that give high income to affiliates. If you ever searched for web hosting affiliate earning possibilities, you can find this article really full informative.

So, stick around. But before we proceed to the list, one thing needed to mention is that the listing is not based only on the amount of commission percentage, we have created the list based upon many other facets. Such as,

  • The popularity of the hosting service provider.
  • It’s reliability.
  • Support.

and others.

However, without making it monotonous,

Let’s get started the list with,

Bluehost affiliate program:

If you are likely to start your web hosting affiliate journey and haven’t heard of Bluehost, it’s quite impossible. Bluehost is one of the leading hosting providers currently in the market is serving thousands of customers worldwide. If you are looking for more depth insights about Bluehost, you can read: Bluehost Web Hosting Review: Is It Right For Your Website?

Bluehost Hosting Affiliate Program

Bluehost hosting solutions:

The company offers all types of hosting solutions.

  • For beginners, it has an entry-level shared hosting plan.
  • For WordPress lovers, it has dedicated WordPress hosting with pre-installed WordPress into it. You also get WordPress-oriented features and enhanced security.
  • For higher-end users, you can choose the Virtual Private Server plans that are powerful enough and help you build up your online business or mobile applications and more.
  • For the big businesses, they have various dedicated hosting plans.

However, Bluehost is an attractive place for affiliates because of its reputation and high-earning opportunities.

Bluehost commission rate and affiliate earnings:

Bluehost offers a flat $65 commission for each sale you make. There are many reasons available that make promoting Bluehost worthwhile.

Bluehost minimum payout:

The minimum payout in Bluehost is $ 100. Once you reach that amount you can cash out your earnings. Even if you are just a beginner, you only have to make two qualified sales. That’s it.

Bluehost is a very popular web solution company that is on the market since 1996 so you can imagine how reputable it is.

Is the Bluehost affiliate program worth joining?

There are many positive points to joining the Bluehost affiliate.

  • Once you start working with Bluehost and eventually do good, and get more sales, your commission would increase too. According to the number of sales and your reputation as an affiliate, you can earn up to $120 per sale you made.
  • The low threshold amount is also a good thing for newbies. Beginners struggle a lot to make their first sale as they lack traffic to their site and trustworthiness. But with only two qualified sales each month and you can avail of your earnings.
  • Bluehost not only offers good support to their customers but affiliates too. Affiliates also get good support from their affiliate managers.

Kinsta affiliate network:

Well, Kinsta might not be as old as Bluehost and other veterans in that field but certainly has made a space for itself in a short period of time.

Kinsta is a US-based company that started its journey in 2013. Kinsta has huge expertise in offering top-notch managed WordPress hosting solutions. Apart from the other hosting companies they only offer to host solutions dedicatedly for WordPress websites. To offer a state-of-the-art solution, and higher speed they use the Google Cloud platform. Kinsta offers all types of WordPress hosting. They are as mentioned,

Kinsta Managed Word Press Hosting Affiliate

Kinsta hosting solutions:

You can create various WordPress websites, such as,

  • Blog or content-related websites.
  • For eCommerce businesses(WooCommerce).
  • Small shopping websites.
  • Websites for non-profits.
  • Educational website.
  • Membership sites.

And many more.

Their hosting plans start at $35 and as per your requirements, you can choose the packages. 

According to the reviews of Kinsta users and various speed measurement platforms, Kinsta offers a true high-speed loading speed and impressive uptime. As they use Google to offer their services, they get access to the global location of Google data centers. They have now over 25 data centers across the globe. From the Us to the Asia Pacific, from Europe to Latin America, they have data centers to offer high website loading speeds. 

Besides, their high-end web services, their support is also very impressive.  

Let’s come to the affiliate part.

Kinsta commission rate and affiliate earnings:

The first thing an affiliate would attract by their immense affiliate commission. Yes, Kinsta offers an insane amount of commission on a sale. You can earn up to $ 500 for a sale. That’s true if you could fill in their criteria, you can earn that amount mentioned aforementioned. The commission is dependent on the plan you refer to. 

  • For the Starter plan, you earn a $50 commission.
  • For the Pro Plan, you get $100.
  • The Business Plan offers $150.
  • Enterprise Plan offers a $500 commission.

Another great thing about their commission structure is, you can earn a 10% recurring commission too. That means, once you make a customer through your referral link, you will be getting 10% of the commission each month as long they renew their plan. That is pretty cool because, if you could make at least 10 or twenty customers, later if you don’t work as an affiliate on Kinsta, doesn’t matter, you will be getting your commission. 

Kinsta minimum payout:

The minimum threshold amount in Kinsta is $100.

Is the Kinsta affiliate program worth joining?

There are certain reasons that would lead people to join the Kinsta affiliate program.

  • The first thing is the churn ratio. It is as low as Kinsta is as low 5%, and chances are very few of losing customers. You can get your monthly earnings through PayPal to your account.
  • For affiliates, they provide lots of marketing materials. You get various sizes and shapes of promotional banners that you can place on your website and attract more and more customers. 
  • Joining on Kinsta affiliate program is very easy. You can easily roll out to their referral network.
  • Kinsta does not use any third-party dashboard instead, they have an in-house affiliate dashboard which is quite intuitive and easy to understand. You get all the information related to total referred page views, and recent referral subscriptions.

However, besides all of the pros, there is a drawback that might affect your customer’s decision on whether they should go with Kinsta or not. No doubt Kinsta offers an excellent managed WordPress hosting service.

But the price is relatively quite high compared to other hosting providers. If someone has a tight budget for them, chances are high that they will move aside and would prefer more affordable options if they don’t have a specific reason to choose Kinsta WordPress hosting solution. Before joining the Kinstsa affiliate, you can read: Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting – Review, Features, Pros and Cons

Hostwinds referral program:

Hostwinds is next to our list. The name of the company might not be so popular but it is definitely one of the most lucrative hosting providers. The company is based in The US and was established in 2010. They offer features such as free website migration, several award-winning customer support,  free SSL certificates, and many more.

Hostwinds Hosting Affiliate Review

One important thing that cannot be ignored is that they offer Weebly website builders to their users.

Let’s explore,

Hostwinds hosting solution:

Hostwinds has hosting solutions for all sorts of customer needs. 

They offer,

  • Entry-level shared hosting.
  • More feature-packed business hosting solutions.
  • If your requirements are higher. You can choose the VPS hosting solution. Customers have the option to choose both Windows and Linux-based hosting.
  • For scalable and flexible uses, they have cloud servers,
  • For bigger users, they have fully self-managed dedicated servers.

For beginners, they have three hosting plans

  1. Basic.
  2. Advanced.
  3. Ultimate.

Their pricing is $5.24, $6.74, and $8.24 per month respectively.

For business, they have also the same Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate plans.

If you are looking for a hosting solution for business websites, they offer the same Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate plans. But their pricings are different.

The Basic plans start at $8.99. The advanced plan costs $10.49, and the Ultimate plan costs $12.74 per month.

Hostwinds has a different types of servers with various features. You can choose the server that suits your needs. The E3-1270 v3 server which is the entry-level dedicated server has 8 CPU threads, 4 CPU cores, and costs $122 per month.

If you have deep knowledge of server and hosting-related things, you can start your own hosting business by reselling them. Hostwinds has two different reseller hosting plans. With one plan you can resell hosting but, your customers could figure out that actually, Hostwinds is selling the hosting service to them.

On the other plan, you can choose the white-level reseller hosting plan. Here you can sell the hosting solution with your name and branding. This is called a white-level reseller.

Now, let’s come to the Hostwinds affiliate program.

Hostwinds commission rate and affiliate earnings:

Hostwinds offers $65 for each sale to affiliates. But if you could make more sales and your performance is up to the mark, the earnings could rise up to $135 per sale. There are different slabs that decide how much commission will offer Hostwinds.

  • 1 to 6 sales per month offers $65 for each.
  • If one can make 7 to 12 sales per month, the commission is $85 per sale.
  • 13 to 19 sales per month get paid $100 for each.
  • If any affiliate can make over 20 sales per month. The earnings are maximum. $135 per month.

Hostwinds minimum payout:

The minimum payout amount in Hostwinds is $100 and affiliates get their earrings on the date of 10th, each month.

Is the Hostwinds affiliate program worth joining?

Hostwinds affiliate program is free to join and the joining process is super easy. You are provided with lots of promotional banners and text ads that you can place on your website. They have sophisticated technologies to track your affiliate performance and reports. The commission rate is really huge with Hostwinds. 

HostGator referral network:

HostGator is yet another popular hosting company that is been on the market for a while. The company is based in Austin, Texas. Firstly, if you ask for the reputation and the market cap, it powers over two million websites worldwide. The number of users states how big their expansion and exitance are. The two main reason people prefer HostGator is its affordability and excellent customer support. 

Host Gator Web Hosting Referral Program

No matter what type of powerful hosting solution you are looking for, HostGator wraps it all up. If you want to know HostGator hosting in detail, consider reading: HostGator Web Hosting Review: Excellent Hosting Solution In Budget?

HostGator hosting solution:

  • Entry-level users, have affordable shared hosting plans.
  • WordPress lovers have a dedicated WordPress-ready hosting solution that offers 25% higher speed according to the company. Besides the speed, HostGator offers beefed security for websites and free website migration services.
  • For higher requirements, they have VPS hosting that gives full root access and better scalable possibilities.
  • If you want to start your online business or have tons of traffic to your platform, embracing the dedicated servers of HostGator might be a great idea.

There are a couple of other online services too that HostGator provides, such as domain registration, SSL certification, and website builders.

  • The beginner shared hosting plans start at $2.75 per month. 
  • WordPress hosting starts at $5.95 per month.
  • The VPS hosting soluution in HostGAtor starts $2`3.95 per month. 
  • If you are looking at the dedicated servers. You can start with $89.98 per month.

HostGator commission rate and affiliate earnings:

By promoting HostGator affiliate products, you can earn a hefty amount of commission. The commission ranges from $65 to $125 for each sale. According to the number of conversions you make, your commission amount changes. 

Below let’s see the commission percentage chart of HostGator affiliates.

  • If you could manage to make 1 to 5 monthly affiliate sales, you will earn $65 for each sale.
  • Affiliates who get 6 to 10 affiliate sales every month receive a $75 commission.
  • 11 to 20 signups per month offer $100 per sale.
  •  With sales over 21 monthly signups, HostGator offers $125 per sale.

However, for affiliates who are looking for a high-converting affiliate program that also has a larger commission rate, the HostGator affiliate program might be an excellent choice for them. 

HostGator affiliate minimum payout:

HostGator has a minimum $100 payout.

Is the HostGator affiliate program worth joining?

HostGator offers a 60 days big cookies duration. That means after clicking your link, if the customer buys the package within that given time, you will get the commission. You can take your earnings through your PayPal account.

Hostgator is been in the hosting industry for a while. So, you don’t have to work hard to convince people to buy HostGator affiliates.

if you are looking for a high-paying hosting referral program, promoting HostGator would be a nice option. 

Thanks for reading. Explore more affiliate-related articles.

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