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How To Make Money On Commission Junction Affiliate

Commission Junction Is The Most Trusted And Established Name In Affiliate Marketing

Commission Junction affiliate marketing is the best way of online earning. Here you could be received the right amount of money without any investment.

If you are a blogger or website owner, you might earn a massive amount of money from affiliate marketing. First of all, we want to discuss what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online by promoting other people’s products. As well as, you will earn commission after successful sales made. Affiliate marketing is the process where marketing companies generate their links and codes at different sites for promoting their products and services by showing an ad. And when a visitor or customer purchases their product from that link, the company gives a reasonable commission to the website’s owner. To better knowledge of that, you can read, What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work? Now we are going to talk about the Commission Junction affiliates program and its business strategy.

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What is Commission Junction affiliate marketing?

Commission Junction is the biggest marketplaces to start affiliate marketing. It was founded in Santa Barbara, California in 1998. It is one of the most trusted network platforms. Anytime you can join with this site and start your affiliates business became a publisher. It is a very popular marketplace where advertisers and publishers meet together in one place. Moreover, you can get an excellent opportunity to promote thousand of online brands and earn a commission. You can quickly sign up for a free account and start exploring the dashboard of the CJ affiliates program.

How can you start this affiliate marketing

If you want to promote other companies’ products, then you have to create a Publisher account. Besides that, if you are a seller and want people who promote your products, then you have to create Advertiser’s account. At first, choose whatever you want. Once you are signed up for the publisher’s account, you should need to complete your profile. Choose your language, country, and currency. Fill the correct details. Accept all terms and conditions. Enter your website details and choose your promotion methods. Now, enter your contact details and Accept Terms.

What Is Commission Junction Affiliate And How Does It Work

After the verification, you will get approval from the commission junction though email. Now you should need to click on get advertiser list. Now, choose a category whatever you like. A new page will open, and you can see there are lots of advertisers who want to promote their product. You can easily choose your category wise products on your specific niche. Besides, before selecting your category or products you have to make sure some points about EPC, sale, lead and network earnings. If you found EPC high, that’s mean; you will earn lots of money from it. It is one of the most import metrics related to your affiliate program on CJ. It basically refers to the average calculation of all commissions earned by all click and average sales producers.

How to create Commission Junction affiliate link

The Deep Link Generator allows publishers to develop deep affiliate links directly from product pages as you build your content. At first login to your CJ account and click on Link Tools. Select a deep link generator and enter your website on which you want to implement it. At first, open a supported browser and then make sure your bookmarks toolbar is visible. And last drag the deep link generator button to your bookmark toolbar. However, it does not work with all CJ advertisers.

To create your CJ affiliate account Click here.

How to receive the CJ affiliate commission

You can receive CJ payments through Payoneer. Payoneer offers unique ways to collect money from foreign companies. Payoneer transfers the money to the Indian bank account within 24 hours. Add your bank details to the CJ Publisher account. You can earn your CJ earnings to the Payoneer account very quickly. Commission junction offers direct bank deposit options including India, Australia, France, Singapore, and Mexico. However, other countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka where direct bank deposit option is not available.

How To Receive Commission Junction Affiliate Marketing

Pros & Cons:

At the end of the article, we want to say that Commission Junction affiliate marketing is a genuine and reputed marketing company. Although the company does not support PayPal payment option, it is free, quick, and easy to sign up. Here you can get flexible affiliate linking, mobile ads facility, and excellent reporting features. But customer support system is inferior. The company only provides its support through phone and web form (no email). Overall, this is a great platform for web beginners and we hope you can make your potential income from this field very easily.

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