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How Many Local Languages Are Supported By Google AdSense In India?

Google AdSense in India is immensely popular among bloggers and content creators whether they already have a blog or trying to step into the field.

There are many challenges, that bloggers face in India, but one of the prominent reasons is the language. According to English is the most used language on the internet for various reasons. Probably, most of the information that available on the internet is in English. India has the second-largest population that reads and speaks the English language, just after the United States. Despite all the difficulties and challenges in blogs, lots of young people are willing to start their blogs and earn money.

Many of them tend to start their blog in the local languages in India. In this article, we will walk you through important things about local language support by Google AdSense India.

Let’s first face,

What is the language option in Google AdSense?

When you signup for Google AdSense, there you get options to choose the primary language of your website. That denotes the language on which you are about to write the context. However, you can change it later also. Since the launch of Google AdSense, it has expanded its outreach by adding many languages along with English.

In India, there are many languages, bloggers can select and run their blog in their preferred language.

How many languages have AdSense support till now in India?

Currently, Google AdSense supports ten local languages in India they are as mentioned;

  • Bengali.
  • Gujrati.
  • Hindi.
  • Kannada.
  • Telegu.
  • Tamil.
  • Punjabi.
  • Marathi.
  • Malayalam.
  • Urdu.

Even though a huge number of people in India read and understand English, but still, the demand for content in the local language is increasing high.

You might want to start your blog in Hindi, which has the largest number of audiences, or Marathi, Tamil, Telegu, or any other supported language. But you should be aware of these below-mentioned point points.

Your earnings with AdSense might be limited:

Google AdSense shows the relevant ads to your audience according to your context. Compared to other developed countries such as the US, UK, or Singapore, CPC is way higher than India. When you select a local language, most of the visitors you will get are from India because people from other countries won’t understand your language.

Less ad availability:

Even though, Google AdSense expanded its language option to various still most of the advertisements are available in the English language. As AdSense is a content-based monetized ad network, you might see an ad-blind spot when you go with the local language.

Now, let's come to the positive points,

More audience retention:

When you create your blog in the local language, you are likely to see more retention to your blog. People love reading content in their mother language. If you do an awesome job with your writing, you can create a big regular audience base with it.

High content demand:

You may notice popular blogs in India which were started in the English language but, now starting their blogs with the local languages. That is because of the content demand. Since the internet and smartphone boom in India, the demand for local content has also increased. In that scenario, there is a big space for the local content blogs.

The concept is not true that one cannot succeed with a local language blog. Google knows the demand for content in the local language in India, that's the reason, they are expanding languages. The main is doing the right thing. If you are thinking of making your own blog in a local language, there is no better time than this.

Thanks for reading. Explore more blogging and Google AdSense-related articles.

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