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Serverwala Review – Best Provider of Cheap Dedicated Server in Houston

The Serverwala hosting company is one of the industry-leading organizations in the corporate world. It offers a full range of the best hosting services all over the world at the most affordable rates. Web business owners tend to purchase a hosting server that can render the required privileges and benefits to host their websites. The dedicated server hosting Houston provides you complete control of your server. This will make it possible for you to gain numerous privileges and advantages. In this article, you will get insights into Serverwala Best Dedicated Server in Houston. However, let us first comprehend in detail how dedicated server Houston serves as the best hosting solution for your web business.

How Houston Dedicated Server is Best Host for Business Owners?

The dedicated server hosting Houston provides the following privileges and benefits that explain how it is best for web business owners. Let us go through them.

High Security:

The dedicated server Houston offers a secure hosting environment. The dedicated hosting platform is private and independent. Thus, your website's functioning gets the protective environment against various data breaches and security threats. Moreover, it also provides you the possibility to install higher layers of security.

You will get the high power of configuration and customization:

With the dedicated server hosting Houston, you will acquire root access to your server. You can have full control over your server. This will permit you to configure your dedicated server Houston as per your website's necessities. You can install, download, or modify any operating system applications and software. You will get the opportunity to run your server in the best way possible to make your website operate efficiently.

You will acquire high flexibility:

You will acquire high flexibility while running your dedicated server in Houston. You will be able to scale up your server resources as and when needed. This will prevent your website from facing any downtime as it will have everything to operate whenever required.

Why is Serverwala the Best Provider of Dedicated Server in Houston?

Here are some of the significant features of Serverwala's dedicated server Houston that makes this company the best hosting provider in Houston.

Secure Networking:

The Serverwala dedicated server Houston provides your website with the highest connectivity. You will be able to connect your dedicated server internally with your private cloud server. And, your website will be able to have secure networking as it will not be interrupted by external networks.

Data Encryption:

With the company's dedicated server hosting Houston, you will be able to encrypt your data with firewall protection. Moreover, you will have the highest data security measures, including DDoS protection, with the company's Houston Dedicated Servers.

Service Level Agreement:

You will also acquire the service level agreement from the company with the cheap dedicated server Houston plan. You will be ensured a 100% uptime and the least downtime.

Robust Network:

The Serverwala hosting company has numerous data centers that render robust network connectivity. Further, the connectivity is blended among the multiple Internet Exchanges. And, these multiple Internet Exchanges incorporate Extreme-IX – Bandwidth, Extreme-IX, DE-CIX, NIXI, from industry-leading service providers.

IPv4 and IPv6 addresses:

The company provides one IPv4 and IPv6 address to your website with its dedicated server hosting Houston. Moreover, you can also purchase additional IPs at an extra cost, as and when needed by your web business.

Premium Bandwidth:

Your website will also acquire the premium bandwidth with the Serverwala dedicated server Houston. Also, your server will come with the fastest network. Your website will get to experience the bandwidth from 100 Mb/s to GBPS.

Hardware RAID:

The company's dedicated server Houston will render the support for RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10. You are permitted to purchase them if your web business needs them at extra cost.

About Serverwala

Serverwala hosting company aims to render the best-dedicated server in Houston with experts' support. It has gained recognition through various awards for providing excellent dedicated server Houston services. The company intends to provide upfront charges for all its services. It will provide you access to the billing dashboard that will let you know the clear prices of all the hosting services provided.

Dive into the following sections to know about Serverwala‘s dedicated server Houston plans and features.

Serverwala – Choose Best and Cheap Plans of Dedicated Server in Houston

Serverwala is one of the top hosting companies, which is also known for rendering the most flexible dedicated server Houston plans and packages. The company lets its clients have a cheap dedicated server in Houston to grow their websites. It makes you overcome your budget constraints. You will be able to upgrade your dedicated server in Houston easily and quickly with the Serverwala hosting provider. Furthermore, the company provides 24/7 technical support with all its managed and unmanaged dedicated server Houston plans. You will get the assistance of Serverwala certified and trained professionals for all your issues or problems. You can connect to them directly in case of an emergency. This will help you to make your website function productively without letting it face any downtime.

Client Review

Here we have provided the client review for the Serverwala best-dedicated server in Houston. The clients' reviews help to provide clear insights into how the company's hosting services actually are. They will let you become a hundred percent sure about the dedicated server hosting Houston plan you pick for your web business.


To conclude, you can infer that the Serverwala cheap dedicated server Houston comes up with high-grade hosting facilities. You will find no compromise in the best hosting services of the company because of the low-cost Houston dedicated servers. The company also renders round-the-clock customer support. You can reach out to the company's professionals anytime to get answers to all your inquiries or questions.

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