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Serverwala Dedicated Server UAE Review: Best for Websites That Need Non-Virtualized Environment

Similar to some startups and business beginner owners, you may also choose shared hosting because of its low price. But with the gradual business growth, you may require more resources to continue your hosting. For that, you need to look upon web hosting that can provide a wide range of reliable services and extensive platforms.

In that situation, you may have numerous choices. But among them, a Dedicated Server UAE is the best and ideal choice for you. This is because it provides you compelling services, exclusive features, an independent hosting environment, and much more. The most exciting thing is that you all get at a price that you would not have to make a hole in your pocket.

Therefore, through this guide, we let you know about the best Dedicated Server in UAE and a reliable provider from where you can buy the hosting. Let's begin!

What is a Dedicated Server UAE?

The word Dedicated Server itself defines the meaning of everything. This means a server that gives you a unique IP address, dedicated resources, and a large web space that completely belongs to a single tenant is called the UAE Dedicated Server. In this hosting, as discussed, all the resources like Random Access Memory, Solid State Drives, Bandwidth, CPU usages, etc., are all yours. No one has the right to share or use them for their website except you.

Further, the Dedicated Server in UAE hosting is mainly used by organizations who want to host their large-scale sites such as E-commerce sites, Educational sites, HRMS portals, gaming sites, etc. This is because it provides you more enhanced security, the highest uptime, more reliability, scalability, server access, and much more. These resources help to boost your website performance, engage more users, handle traffic spikes, and serve an efficient user experience.

Additionally, you get complete server control and hardware configurations. So, you can easily install useful custom applications on your server.

Reasons to Opt for a Best Dedicated Server UAE

It is possible to host your site on a regular server having a good internet connection, even from your own computer. But if you run your server by your own computer, you might face lots of network failure issues and slightly slow down your server. This may even shut down your server whenever you turn off your computer. That's why to run your server under reliable connectivity with increased computer power, you should choose the Dedicated Server in UAE.

A Dedicated Server Hosting UAE is best known for its high performance, high security, boost-up speed, greater uptime, and much more than the rest of the web hostings. You can think that you own a house. No other person will interrupt and disturb you in your personal space. Similarly, Dedicated Server hosting gives your own web space with a set of powerful resources that are only yourself.

Dedicated Hosting UAE Hosting provides you principal features such as:

  • Reliable Network Connection.
  • Less risk of Virus attacks.
  • Server Maintenance.
  • Highest Uptimes.
  • Greater Server Control.
  • Reliability.
  • 24*7 Consistent Support.

Apart from these reliable features, you can use the UAE Based dedicated server to host extensive websites of any type with more than thousands of web pages. This is because it is capable of serving you high performance and handling traffic spikes during busy hours.

Further, it's time to talk about where you buy this hosting. It means you need a reliable web host provider. So, let's talk about Serverwala.

About Serverwala

Serverwala is the leading and award-winning web host provider that caters to enterprise-grade services and high caliber features based on the latest technology that enhances your site performance. In 2015, they got popular globally within very little time because of catering to various web hosting services.

However, you will find all types of web hosting options with them. For startups and beginners, they have shared hosting; for WordPress lovers, they provide WordPress hosting; regarding tight budget users, they have the VPS plans. Cheap Dedicated Hosting UAE is for those who want complete independent webspace and server control. Cloud hosting for those who want to run the large organization remotely, and much more.

Further, the company has won many awards because of serving the above services globally with industry-leading services. These services include server control, greater customer support, customization, flexibility, and much more at an affordable price.

Best Plans and Packages of Serverwala Dedicated Server UAE

The Company Serverwala provides you the cost-effective UAE Dedicated Server plans and packages. All the plans are highly customizable. So, you can pick any of the – Windows Dedicated Server Hosting UAE and Linux Dedicated Server UAE Hosting. Both hosting comprise a wide range of services and exclusive features that differ in technology, flexibility, and services. So, let’s hop into the plans and check which plans meet your business requirements.

Best Features of Serverwala Dedicated Server UAE:

Serverwala Cloud Data Center, as you have seen, is a leading web host provider, hence provides a vast range of exclusive services and remarkable features. Therefore, we are going to discuss all these features that it offers with their UAE Dedicated Server hosting one by one:

Free Migration:

Whenever you feel it's time to migrate your hosting. At that moment, without any hassle and fear of data loss, you can migrate your existing hosting to our Dedicated Hosting UAE Hosting at zero investment.

Powerful Servers:

The Serverwala's UAE-based Dedicated Server is powered by high-quality and industry-leading hardware from the leading and top brands such as Dell, Supermicro, and HP. This helps you to enjoy the 20x faster server speed and seamless performance.

Host Unlimited Websites:

You are not bound to host websites on your server. With the freedom to host sites as many as you can manage and operate. You are free to switch from a shared server, VPS, to their UAE Dedicated Server Hosting.

Choice of Operating System:

They allow you to choose your choice of operating system to run your website. Therefore, you can choose any available options from Windows and Linux ( CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian). You just need to select the one; the web host will install it for you.

Control Panel:

Serverwala provides you the leading control panels such as Plesk and Cpanel along with various options. So, you can purchase the control panel license from them and configure it on your own on the system.

SSH Root Access:

You can have complete control over your Windows and Linux Dedicated Server UAE hosting. They provide you full root access. So, you are liable to manage, handle, operate, and configure your server. Also, you can install tailor-made applications on your own.

Dedicated IP:

A unique IP Address is provided with each UAE Dedicated Server. So, the chances of data security increase with a greater increment in site performance and speed.

Server Management:

The company offers both the managed and unmanaged plans. So, if you do not have enough technical skills, then by paying some nominal cost. You can choose the Managed Dedicated Server Hosting UAE hosting, in which you will get the complete server management support and services.

Service Level Agreement:

They promise to give you 99.99% network uptime. However, your site always remains up, and when any user browses your site, they will get instant results on their screen.

High Performance Guaranteed:

Their dedicated servers are configured using the latest technology that ensures you get superior site performance and high speed. So, you can efficiently run your resource-intensive site and critical applications smoothly on your server without facing any issues.

Free Setup Without Any Contract:

You would not have to pay any additional penny for your dedicated server setup. Also, no hidden charges are applied to your hosting. You can easily cancel your order at any time. For that, you won't have to pay the cancellation fee.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of all these features for your website, then you should buy the Dedicated Hosting Server UAE Hosting by Serverwala.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews are the valuable words that make a clear picturization of a web host in your mind. This means you can check whether the web host is genuine, either serving or not the right services at the best prices. Here we show you some honest words posted by the potential customers on the top review websites.

In a Nutshell

You can see from the affordable plans, broad range of features, and honest reviews by potential customers that Serverwala accomplishes your website requirements with the Best Dedicated Server in UAE. Though the plans we described here are the unmanaged ones. If you want to be free from the hassle of server maintenance and management, then you can opt for the Managed Dedicated Server UAE plans by paying a nominal cost. So, we will operate your server. Therefore, buy the suitable plans by serverwala now and enjoy their independent hosting environment for your website.

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