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How Many Options You have To Verify Google My Business?

Now Billions Of People Search On The Internet For Your Business So Listing Your Business On Google My Business Is Important.

Does your local competitor already list his business on Google? Now it’s your turn, but you don’t know how to verify Google My Business for your business?

Then you are going to have some vital information on verifying your small business on Google My Business. As you are looking to substantiate it, you already know about Google My Business page and its importance.

As per your business type, there are five options to verify your business to GMB (Google My Business).

  • Postcard.
  • Email.
  • Phone.
  • Instant verification.
  • Bulk verification.

Before going for any verification process, you have to claim your business first on Google My Business.

Verify your local business through Postcard:

This is the most popular method to verify your business on Google. To use this way, you have to enter your business address in Google My Business. Then Google will send a verification code to the given address. Most of the time the code reaches to the given address within 14 days. To verify by mail methods, you have to make sure your business address complies to Google’s address entry guidelines. During the verification through a postcard, you should not edit your business name, address, or category or request a new code.

Verify Google My Business by phone:

This method does not apply to every business. While you are requesting verification, you will see if there verify by phone option appears. You can use this method by your computer. For that firstly you have to sign in to GMB. Then you have to choose the business you’d like to verify. After that, you have directly answered your business phone number. Then you have to click on Verify by phone option. Also, you can use your phone to follow this method. Here you only need to open GMB app and tap on Call me now, and then you have to enter the code that’s it.

Verification through Email:

To use the mail verification, you have to make sure you can access the mail address shown in the verification screen. If you are using computers, you have to go first to GMB then have to choose the business. After that, you have to click Verify now. Then you have to select the Email from the list of verification option. Then a link will come to your mail inbox. Then you need to click the Verify. If you are using the phone, you have to open the GMB app. After choosing the business you want to verify, you have to tap Send Email. Then check your mail inbox and enter the code. Finally, submit the code. This also a quite popular way to verify Google My Business.

Instantly verify a business listing:

If your business category is eligible for instant verification, you can immediately verify your business. For this method, you have to sign in to Google My Business with the same email account which had been used to your Google Search Console.

Bulk verification:

If you manage 10 or more locations for the same business, you may be eligible to get Bulk verification.

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