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Make Genuine Earnings through Classified Website.

Internet is a vast platform where a large number of people are coming every moment. The number of audience will increase very fast in future. Now internet has lots of opportunities and lots of ways for making genuine income but very few people knows about that. Now people, who have basic knowledge, also try to find ways of making money online. Due to lack of information they often fail. In this blog we are going tell how you can earn money from Classified Websites.

Before we go deep here we need to say in short that what Classified Websites actually is. Classified Websites are a very popular platform where Buyers and seller meets together and the website owner earns money from that website. Here sellers comes and post their ads, buyers come and see those ads and will contact to the sellers. Your website will work as a medium between the buyers/users and sellers. The website owner can make money from Classified Site in two ways.

1. Premium Advertising,

2. Google AdSense.

Below we are describing these two ways in brief.

hermes_large Premium Advertising/ Premium Membership : The Sellers creates account in your website and publish their Ads on your website. There are two types of sellers on with free membership and another is Premium Membership. The sellers who do not have the Prime membership their posted Ads will rank below and the visibility of their Ads are low. But the Premium Ads easily ranks on the top and the visibility of their Ads are much better as compare to Free Ads. For getting the Premium Membership sellers have to pay you the money. Like that you can earn from Premium Members.

Google AdSense : AdSense is a product or service of Google. They publish Ads to targeted websites. From Google AdSense You can set the Ads to your Classified Website. When visitor will come on your website and click on those Ads you can earn Rs. 7-10 per click. Besides above mentioned methods you can run third party Ads too on your website. There your local or nearest persons can contact you for showing their Ads into your Classified Website. From them you can extend your profit from Classified Websites.

Here we are mentioning some important tips for Classified Website you should follow if you want make your own Classified Site.

  • You need to contact a good and experienced Web development Company for developing your Classified Website. If the Company has big experience they will easily understand about your idea.
  • The SEO works should be done of your website properly because SEO is very much important for Classified Website. Good SEO will reduce your expenses of Advertising.
  • Your site should be responsive. It will help to your business. On a responsive website visitors can visit with most of the devices. That means you will gain more traffic to your website.
  • For your Classified Website you should integrate a Payment Gateway so that Premium Members can pay you Online.
  • You need to implement fraud filter system. So that fraud Ads can be detect and their Ads could be disapprove. It is very important for your Website reputation to prevent fraud Ads.
  • You can run Google Ads or Amazon Affiliate Ads in Your Classified Site.

Classified Websites are really a genuine source of income. As your popularity increases, the earnings from Classified Website also increase. You have no pressure to give daily updates similar like Blog Websites or Articles Websites. You just have to work on how your Website can be more popular. See all popular Classified Websites India like Quikr, Olx, VivastreetMeramaal etc. were not so much popular like today they are. But if you have patience, if you have dedication on that, then surely you can do it. We hope you get a clear idea on how to earn money from Classified Sites. If you find this article helpful or want to know something else please comment below to our comment section.


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