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Checkout Some Important Things About Google Adsense CTR

See How Much CTR Is Ok For Your Website And Is Your CTR Is Very Low ?

Low Google AdSense CTR is a big problem, that publishers face lots of time. Besides that lots of publishers lost their accounts due to high CTR too.

CTR is a vital thing in AdSense. Every publisher does care about it. In this article, we will share important thing about the Google AdSense CTR but firstly let's see-

What is Google AdSense CTR?

CTR is the short form of click-through rate. When you integrate the Google AdSense codes to your website, Google shows advertisements on your website. Typically a site has so many pages. On every page, there would be many types, shapes ads. The CTR is on 100 ad views on how many clicks you get. For example, if your CTR is 3, that means 100 people have seen your ads and 3 of them have been clicked on those advertisements.

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Now lots of people work as Google Ad publishers and earn a massive amount of money. But, not everyone makes the same money. Some big players earn huge, but some publishers hardly reach the $100 mark. The differences in earning vary on many factors. Some of them are –

  • The locality of the publisher.
  • From where the maximum number of visitors are coming.
  • The website niche and contents of the website.
  • How much CPC the publisher is getting?
  • How is your website performance?

And lots of other things. One crucial thing about AdSense earning is CTR. If you have a decent amount of click-through rate, then definitely affect your earnings. Some publishers get high CPC, good ad coverage has lots of traffic but still get low payment due to the low CTR rate. Now, there are some tactics and techniques by which you can increase the CTR. We will share them with you below. But, before that, we would like to share the AdSense CTR policy with you. It is even more important before you practice those methods on your site because it related to your AdSense account disabling or getting the account from Google. So, 

What is the Google AdSense CTR policy?

Follow The Ad Sense C T R Policy To Avoid Account Ban

Google has some high-tech technologies by which they can measure people’s interaction with ads then how any people can click on ads naturally. By analyzing people’s behavior, Google has a standard CTR percentage depending on various categories or niche sites. According to many bloggers, website owners, product-related website s get more CTR compared to others. Typically getting the CTR of 3-5 percent is safe. If you get a high CTR rate which is exceeding Google’s policies, then your AdSense account is at risk, and it may be disabled. Besides this, you may need to know,

Now when you knew about the Google AdSense CTR policy let’s talk about the main thing,

How can you increase the CTR safely?

Your website layout:

Make Your Website Layout Responsive To Earn More

If you want to make a website focused on AdSense, you should pay attention to the layout of your website. It is essential to have a layout that fits on all devices. If your site has a responsive layout, the ads will provide all the devices no matter what people are using. So, your ads will be visible to the maximum number of visitors, and you will get some increased CTR. 

Ad placement:

Do The Ad Placement Correctly For Your Website

Ad placement is probably the most significant factor in CTR. On your web page, where you have been putting your ads, matters. On your web page, you place your ad on a header, left or right, on the footer, inside the article. But all places will not give you the same CTR. In some contexts, some specific ad placements give improved results. You need to do research and analyze your website, where you are getting the maximum CTR. After that, you should again place your ads according to higher returns.

Choose ad size wisely:

Choose The Perfect Ad Size For Your Web Page

Besides the ad placements, you need to give focus on the ad sizes too. People often think more prominent ads will increase the CTR, and so the earnings, but it does not. The perfect ad size is which does not affect the user experience. Some times bigger ads cover the web page, especially in mobile devices. People get bothered for that and leave the site. 

Use Google Auto Ads:

Use Google Auto Ads To Show Maximum Ads

All the above things people set manually. But according to their chosen ad units, sometimes they do not present. So, their ad places stay blank. Eventually, when people don’t see ads, they cannot click on them. Here Google introduces an excellent thing, Google Auto Ads. This technology detects the spaces on your website and fills them with ads. It is a mechanism so; it always fills up your ad places so that you get more ad impressions and more CTR. 

Keep the balance on Ads:

Keep A Balance On Ads To Get More C T R

 Some people think that they should put as many ads as possible. But actually, it is not a good idea. Google has policies on how many maximum ads you can show on a web page. If you exceed that number, Google may ban your AdSense account. Besides that, more advertisements create a bad user experience. For the disruption, people often leave the site. That’s how you lead more bounce rates. So, overall, if you keep the balance on the number of ads, you get more CTR rather than putting too many ads. 

Increase website traffic:

Try To Increase Your Website Traffic To Get More C T R

If you want higher CTR then one of the main things you have to do is increasing, your website traffic. This is the main thing of CTR, traffic. You are going to need specific and targeted traffic so that you get better CTR. To get the potential traffic, you have to choose precise keywords that are how you can grab the audience. Google AdSense is a contextual ad network. They will show the most relevant ads to your web page. That will lead the higher click through rates. 

When you are using Google AdSense, you need to monitor your CTR reports frequently. Creating your AdSense account is easy but securing it from high CTR is very tricky. Sometimes, you may see a very high CTR on your site. This may happen due to someone clicking on your ads to harm you. With the high-end technology, people use bots to give unwanted clicks on your ads. That is not a good thing. Google may disable your AdSense account for invalid activity sees this as an invalid activity and you might get your account ban for that. You need to inform Google about that. 

Thanks for reading. We hope this was full of information. If you want to read more AdSense related articles, you can read-

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