Bluetooth Speaker Portronics POR 280 Gives High Quality Sound

Portronics is a renowned name on providing budget speakers not compromising good quality sound experience. Portronics POR-280 also stands on this parameter.

The speaker angle of that speaker is a little bit of difference, but this speaker is compact. The price of that product is very affordable. Let’s see the specification of this device.

Bluetooth speaker POR-280’s design:

Good quality plastic has been used to make this Bluetooth speaker. The Portronics POR-280 has a unique combination of cylindrical and palm shape. Around the speaker rubberized material is applied. That gives this portable speaker extra grip on the hands. The speaker is at the top, and metal grills cover the speaker. At the front, you get a mic hole. You can take calls with that Bluetooth speaker.  The dimension of the device is 5 x 5.5 x 9 cm, and it is only 249 g in weight. At the back, there is a USB port to charge this wireless speaker. It’s a basic USB port, and besides that 3.5mm AUX cable port is given to play the music via AUX cable.  At the back of the speaker, a LED  indicator placed. While charging Red LED light blinks to indicate that.

P O R 280 Wireless Speaker

But, there is no buttons are given to increase or decrease the volume. You have to use the device volume rockers to control the sound.

The battery of this POR-280 Bluetooth speaker:

A 600 mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery powers this Bluetooth speaker. The product can give you four hours of music playback timing on a single charge. As you can see the battery backup is not so good. We can use the speaker for ordinary purposes.

Portronics Sound Pot P O R 280

Performance of POR-280:

The Bluetooth speaker is compatible with all kind of Bluetooth devices. It has a 10 meter of Bluetooth range. With that portable speaker, you can use two Bluetooth devices at the same time. The speaker is compact; it easily fits on hands. Though the bass quality of the device is not too high, it delivers decent quality sound as of its pricing.

Portronics P O R 280 Speaker

The Price of this Bluetooth speaker:

This Portronics POR-280 Bluetooth speaker priced Rs. 1133. The Portronics POR-280 is available in black color option. As a regular usage, you can use it for outdoor light usage, or it can give good quality sound. If you like its features and design, you can buy it from the below “BUY NOW” button.


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