Philips BT64 Light Weight Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Philips BT64 Bluetooth Speaker is a unique combination of portability and good quality sound. Take calls, listen to music with this stylish speaker.

The Design:

The Philips BT64 is made of plastic, but it is surrounded with rubber type material which gives grip on hands. The design is very premium, and the speaker is very lightweight. It is only 145 gms. The device is 110 mm in length and 56 mm in width.

As you can see the device is very easy to take with you anywhere you want. The controls buttons like power off button, to receive or reject calls button, pause-play music buttons, volume buttons are at the top of that device. There are small LED lights at the front of the speaker which indicates charging, Bluetooth mode, Aux mode and FM mode.

Philips BT64 Bluetooth Speaker-03-10-10-2018

At the back of that speaker, there are changing slots AUX port and a slot to insert a microSD card. One side of that rectangular speaker a hole is placed to hang the speaker to something.


As it is a Bluetooth Speaker, you can connect all your blue tooth devices with that like any Smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. But the Philips BT64 also has AUX port to listen with wired music like old school. The device has a Built-in Digital FM radio. That means you can tune to your favorite radio stations too with this device. It has a 1000 mAh built-in lithium polymer battery. The battery can give 4 hours of playback time. The Philips BT64 speaker is equipped with a built-in microphone which enables to take or reject a call with a click of a button.

Philips BT64 Bluetooth Speaker-02-10-10-2018

Pricing and Color Options:

To choose and match your personality the Philips BT64 speaker comes with four color variants; Black, White, Blue, and Red. The pricing of that device is Rs. 1299 at Amazon.

The Philips BT64 has an elegant look, and the design is also pretty. It would be perfect for a single person usage. If you are a Philips lover and it fits your needs, you can buy it.



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