5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dash Cam

Everything You Need To Know Why You Need A Dash Camera For Your Daily Life.

People do not make a bad decision in my opinion but uninformed decisions. They will probably make better decisions if they knew better.

Lack of information or not having adequate knowledge of a subject matter can make you settle for less. In the case where financial commitment is involved, this can be very painful. Permit me to cite this example to buttress my point. I went to the shopping mall to get a new laptop. Aware of the fact that my preferred brand does not come cheap and that I could not afford to spend too much, I decided to go for an alternate. Mind you; I prefer the brand I thought was too expensive because this brand produces a laptop with incredible specs.

I had almost settled for the other brand that has some good spec (4GB RAM and 500GB ROM) until I was saved by the sales attendant that just walked in. She drew my attention to a model of my preferred brand with even better specs (4GB RAM and 1TRB ROM) that were only a few bucks more than the one I was almost opting for. I am very sure that I will probably have gone for the laptop with lesser spec not knowing that what I want is actually within the price range of what I can afford.

The use of dashboard hidden camera is on the rise thanks to recent developments. Some of these developments are positive, while some are negative. Some adverse developments like the increase in car theft, increase in car accidents amongst other vices are making people embrace the use of dash cam. It is not always the fear of something terrible that makes people opt for a dash cam. Dash cams can capture very amazing scenes for you. Some people even go for dual dash cam because they want to get a better view while driving through the countryside. They want to capture the beautiful footage of the sun filtering through the trees.

Some people opt for dash cams for the sake of record keeping and for deterring criminally minded individuals. Footages from dash cams can settle a court case finally as it is an evidence that cannot be questioned. Whether you are using it as a proactive or reactive measure, here are five things you didn’t know about dash cams. These five things are also things you should also know before you get a dash cam for yourself.

Dash cams record in loops

By Your Dash Cams Can Record In Loops Every Time

This is peculiar to the more recent dash cams, however. No matter how large your dash cam storage is, it is limited to a certain amount. It might take weeks, months, or even years, but you will exhaust it. This is why it is advisable to transfer regularly the recordings from your dash cams to an external storage device to free up space. Being the humans, we are, we may sometimes forget, and this may cause your dash cam not to store some footages. Manufacturers of dash cams have taken this into cognizance decided to make up for it. Recently produced dash cams can now record in loops. In other words, your dash cam can save recent footage even when its internal memory is full. It does this by overwriting previously stored footages, and it overwrites the oldest footage in the internal memory.

Dash cams can ascertain your speed

Dash Cams Can Ascertain Your Speed When You Are Driving

Advancement in the features of dash cam now means they will always tell the truth even when the truth stands against their owners. I am sure you must be wondering and asking yourself, “how can a dash cam measure my driving speed?” The answer is simple. More recently produced dash cams now work with your car’s GPS. This means that it can identify where your car was five minutes ago and where it currently is. For those that are not familiar with physics, you can calculate for speed dividing the distance covered by the time taken to cover that distance. The GPS provides the range covered while the dash cam provides the time taken. This way, you do not have to convince anyone that you broke the speed limit as your dash cam and GPS will be ready to defend you.

Regular dash cams are as useful as HD dash cams

Regular Dash Cams Are Most Useful As Your H D Dash Cams

Human beings naturally want to get the best, and nothing short of it for themselves. What they are always quick to forget is that the term “best” is relative. In other words, nothing is still the best in all cases. This is also applicable to the use of dash cams. People who do not need certain features from their dash cams tend to spend above their budget to get dash cams that have those features. Unless you are using your dash cam for a “more than the usual” purpose, you do not need an HD dash cam.

A regular dash cam in recent times will give you footage clear enough for you to identify the elements in that footage. Probably due to the realization that they cannot enhance video recordings, people tend to opt for HD dash cams because they feel they will get better footages. If you need a dash cam for security and other regular reasons, then a steady dash cam can serve you at no extra cost.

Every dash cam needs external power

Every Dash Cam Needs External Power When You Work Virtually

Trust salespersons, they are very good at bloating up the truth. They may not lie, but they will hardly tell you the whole story. This is why it is essential you have a full understanding of what you need else; you end up falling for their trick. Before now, virtually every dash cam works only with external sources of power. Dash cams that are more recent now come with their internal source of power.

Salespersons will sell the idea of a dash cam with an internal source of power but will not tell you that the inner source of power is a backup or an auxiliary source of power. Whether or not a dash cam has an internal source of power, it will still work with an external source of power for two reaches. One of them is to power the dash cam itself, and the other is to recharge the internal source of power. The internal source of power comes to play when you turn off the engine of your vehicle but still need your dash cam to keep recording.

The law permits the use of dash cams

You Can Use Dash Cams For Your Law Permits Issued

There is hardly a law per se that restricts you from using a dash cam in your vehicle. This is probably why the use of dash cam is becoming more rampant by the day. There is hardly a state where the law exclusively states that the use of dash cams is prohibited. What the law prohibits is the invasion of people’s privacy using dash cams. Somebody can sue you for monitoring or spying on the person using a dash cam.

Some of the information above and many more are things about dash cams that you do not know about. Besides the information above, you should also know that dash cams usually start recording once you start your engine. This way, the case of forgetfulness will not come to play. These and many more you should know about dash cams before getting one. This way, you will make informed decisions when you want to buy a dash cam.

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