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Why Using AdSense To Your Business Website Might Not Be A Good Idea

AdSense is no doubt the best option to earn money online using the website but using it on your business website can harm your business instead of benefits.

Back in times when the internet was not as much popular as it is today, the number of the websites was not too high. Now the internet has a huge audience. Since people have understood the opportunities of the internet the numbers of internet users have increased drastically. Similar to this the numbers of the websites has grown rapidly. Now we can see there are lots of various kinds of sites present like blog website, an entertainment website, Social Media website, business website corporate website, free website. If we ask the website owners, which ad monetizing network is best then definitely the answer will come that it is Google AdSense. But, most of us probably unknown to the fact that AdSense ads are not good for the business website. There are some major causes which we will describe in this article but before we go on that have a short look at what is Google AdSense and how does it work.


AdSense is the most popular contextual ad networking site. The process is simple to make a website, create an AdSense account and most of the popular bloggers, and website owners are partnered with Google AdSense program. If you are a blogger, you might check Why Google AdSense Program Is the Best for Blog Owners. Especially someone creates a site where he doesn’t sell any product or service, AdSense is the primary and best possible way to earn money online.

Why AdSense is getting harmful for Business Website:

Google Ad Sense Is Getting Hurmful For Business Website

  • Downfall Your Business Brand: On the business websites, we sell any product or service. As there is a matter of payments, the brand value is so much important. On the site, you highlight the product or services, and you want to sell your products in this competitive market with a good reputation. To earn some extra cash using the website you put ad on your business site. This time ad network is running various types of ads on your site sometimes which is not suitable for your company. Multiple kinds of advertisement will appear beside your product or services into your services. You are compromising your business website’s ad space with someone else’s ads. It will defect your brand value. It may be harmful effects on your business. So keep in mind when you want to earn by the advertisement through your business website.
  • Increase Bounce Rate: To understand this matter we can take another example. Suppose you have Mutual Funds related website. There you represent various kinds of Funds. As you monetize your site by AdSense, different types of fund related ads will appear on your site. Those ads are from competitors. You know how exciting ads be. So there are big chances visitors will click on those alluring ads. Every click will be making a higher bounce rate (Link). Besides that one more thing is essential. When a visitor comes to buy any service or anything the ads might be irritating for them. If you place too many ads on your site, it will give bad user experience to the visitors. It also would be a big reason for increasing bounce rates.
  • Decrease Conversion Rate: Conversion rate means how many visitors buy something’s from your website. Suppose you came with 100,000 visitors on a month and out of 2000 bought their necessary things. So the conversion rate is 100,000 / 2000 = 2%. If you are running unnecessary Google Ads for your users and it’s not similar to your products. This incident may cause a great effect on your business and decrease your conversion rate.
  • Deprived You of Opportunity: Every business has two essential aims. The first thing is to generate leads, and another is sells. At the top, we have already said that Google shows contextual ads. They read your website contents and display ads. When a visitor moves away from your site by clicking those ads, you lose a lead, an opportunity to do business. Every click takes away a chance from you. As you are running a business, definitely you want to do so.


When you are reading this article here, you will see we have integrated AdSense ads which is fair. This is an article website, and we are not selling any service or product here. Here we write about various kinds of services are available on the internet. So people read the articles and see the relevant ads related to articles. So it benefits us to gain more clicks. But if you have the Business website, you should not put AdSense there. We have described the things. Rather than AdSense, you can do other things which can benefit your business site. You can put alluring banners of your business into your site. When a visitor read about your services and see alluring banners around, there are pretty much chances to benefit your business more.

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