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Why You Should Be Using URL Shortener For Your Social Media Posts?

If you are running a business and it has an online presence, you can’t ignore social media platforms anyway and sharing links on them.

Having billions of daily active users, helps businesses increase their brand awareness, boost sales, and strengthen their customer relationships.

Posting links is an often important task people do whether they selling something or not. In this article, we will be discussing the URLs that are being shared through social media channels.

But, before we get to the main point let’s have a small background about the URLs.

What is a URL?

URL stands for Uniform Resource locator and most people often consider it as the domain name of a website. Well technically it is not wrong either but there are lots of things to know about. Through browsers, we visit any website where we want to be. When we visit any website, the URL of the website appears to the address bar of the website.

But when you look at your URL, there might be lots of things. For example, some websites start with “HTTPS” where some just start with the “HTTP.” Both indicate two different things. After the HTTP or HTTPs, there is the “www” part. After that, the domain name of the website starts. If you visit a website's home or landing page it typically has https://www.xyz.com. When you visit any other page of the website then the URL changes and appears as it is set to. Many URLs contain special characters such as”%”, “&” or any numerical numbers and anything else.

The URL is actually the full address of a web page. If you have a specific page on your website you make it accessible by its URL. News websites typically have a huge number of URLs because each of the news makes a unique URL. 

Now, let;’s come to the points,

Sharing your website URL to social media:

Leveraging social media to boost your web traffic or increase sales, is inevitable. If you want to drive traffic to your website for any prospect, sharing the links is a must, otherwise, how will they land on your site.  Sometimes you need to share nacked links there. But sharing ordinary links has drawbacks. Below we are describing them.

Get more space for your content:

On many social media platforms, you cannot put a long post caption Apparently if you could do so, most of the people don’t likely to read them at all. On Twitter, you get very little space to add a caption or to write something details. 

So, yourt post should be interesting, informative, and short. Now, if you have a long page URL, it will consume a lot of space. You can’t mention more detailed information there. So, link shortening is the best way to overcome the problem. No matter what our URL length is, the link shortening tools will make it shorter.

Provides more trust:

Spammy and misleading links often come with big in length that’s most people know. That’s the reason when they encounter any such big URL on Facebook or Instagram or somewhere else, they tend to avoid it. So, it is necessary to have your URLs short in order to increase the engagement of your post.

Avoid bad impressions:

URLs often have many special characters and numerics on them. That often looks bad. If you are a brand or selling something through your website. It creates a bad impression. 

To shorten your links your URLs for whatever purposes, one tool that is widely popular is Bitly. Below we are mentioning some of its plans and features.


Bitly is one of the most popular URL shortener platforms that offers both free and premium URL shortening services. They offer four plans,

  • FREE.
  • BASIC.


This plan allows you to shorten up to 1,000 URLs per month and get unlimited clicks on the URLs. But it lacks most of the premium features eventually.


That is the first paid plan that allows you to short 1500 URLs per month. Here you get the feature of making custom URLs. On the premium plans, you can create your own custom domain instead of a Bitly URL.


That plan offers 3000 branded links per month option, advanced analytics, and many more features. The pricing is $199 per month. If you require extensive URL customizations this plan is perfect for you.

The final one is the ENTERPRISE plan. This plan allows you to mask URLs up to 10,000+ and offers all the best features of Bitly.

There are several other link shortener tools such as Ow.ly, Twitter's in-built URL shortener, Tiny URL, and many more.

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