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Make your own gaming server with VPS Philippines

According to a recent study, more than half of the population of the Philippines uses the internet. Out of which, the age group between 18-24 are the passionate online video game players. In 2021, this online gaming industry has gained a lot of popularity due to connecting people from different corners of the world. To boost this enthusiasm, now big web hosting companies are offering VPS Hosting Philippines to their gamers so that they can enjoy their gaming sessions with absolutely zero lags.

Though Dedicated Hosting is a more promising option, VPS Philippines has its own advantages. So, before digging deeper into how gamers can use VPS and what advantages it has over the dedicated server, let's first understand what VPS hosting is and whether it's a good option.

Gaming on a VPS Philippines: Is it a good option?

“Yes” VPS Philippines is one of the best options to host your gaming sessions. It offers the highest security, complete root access, and full control over your server at the much lowest price than a dedicated server.

What is a VPS?

The term VPS is a short form of Virtual Private server that uses virtualization technology to divide its central machine into various parts. Each part of the machine works as a virtual server and offers a dedicated and private environment to its websites.

Usually, VPS is known as the middle path between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. This is because it exhibits the characteristics of both the hostings. With the shared server, it offers dedicated resources and a private environment to its users.

How can gamers use a VPS Philippines?

There are various ways for gamers to use a VPS server Philippines; a few of them are as follows:

  • Host a gaming session for any video games such as Kill the plumber, NightFall Escape, etc., with setting your own rules.
  • Host other players' connections as well to make your game smooth.
  • By cutting out the game publisher, you will have more control and privacy.
  • Develop games in a way that they do not face issues like dropped connections.
  • Dedicated servers are expensive, but VPS server Philippines lets you access the best hardware for a much lesser price.
  • Get full root access to set up, manage and configure your game server as you want.

After exploring what a VPS Philippines can do, let's look at its advantages over a dedicated server.

What advantages does VPS Philippines have over a dedicated server?

1. Pricing:

One of the most important factors of choosing VPS Philippines over a Dedicated server is pricing. As we all know, a Dedicated server means no sharing. Therefore, it cost much higher than the VPS server Philippines. But if VPS can do all the work of a dedicated server, then why pay a high price. Like a dedicated server, VPS hosting the Philippines also offers you root access, increased storage capacity, fast speed, etc. However, VPS Philippines is the best option to choose over a dedicated server.

2. Technical Proficiency:

If you have the high technical know-how and a good budget, then only opt for a Dedicated server. Because along with the high price, managing the whole server on your own is not a simple task. Where a dedicated server gives the freedom to design your game the way you want, it requires high technical prowess too. However, VPS hosting Philippines gives you full root access like a dedicated server using which you can make any changes to your server you want. The only difference you will find with VPS Philippines is that you only require a little knowledge of how to navigate the root access setup, else your VPS provider will do all the work for you.

3. Ownership:

When you host your gaming session on a dedicated server, you have complete autonomy over the server hardware and resources.
On the other hand, though the VPS server Philippines gives you private resources, the central machine remains in the hands of multiple users. Therefore, you cannot fully own a VPS server. But a part will completely stay in your hands.

Pick Wisesolution to buy VPS Philippines for your Game server

To ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your VPS hosting Philippines, you should pick the secure, reliable, and renowned VPS hosting provider. One such popular name in the industry is Wisesolution. Wisesolution is a well-known web hosting provider in the world. Founded in 2010, it has won various awards and solved more than 6000+ customers hosting problems.

Along with VPS Hosting Philippines, Wisesolution also offers other hosting services such as dedicated server, shared server, reseller hosting, domain name registration, SSL certificates, etc. No matter which hosting plan you choose, you will find that each hosting plan is much more reasonable than available in the market.

Plans and Prices of Wisesolution VPS Philippines

Affordable Plans And Prices Of Wisesolution V P S Philippines


I hope this article helped you determine the use of a VPS Server Philippines for gaming. Before finalizing any hosting provider, you need to conduct careful research and make sure your server is adequately optimized for gaming.

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