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Secure Your Virtual Privacy from Being Misused.

Are you getting too many promotional calls on your number? Getting spam or promotional mails frequently? Tired of getting fraud SMSs on your number? Then it is very much possible to come a question in your mind that “how they get my personal information?” Well, we are going to tell you how they collect information and how you can secure your virtual privacy from being misused.

In this virtual world of internet it is hard to find out who is behind the screens. Of course there are lots of reputed and genuine organizations, companies but the numbers of fraud or fake companies are not too small. If your privacy got breached it will not only limited on irritating phone calls, fraud phone calls or mails. The damages can be even bigger, like someone can get the access your bank accounts, can hack your social media accounts, can collect your image and can misuse that image etc. As all the people don’t have the clear idea about how they can keep their privacies secure, they got attracted by fraud or scammers.

There are lots of scammers out there on the internet today who make deals with your privacy. They sell your information to the third parties. That’s why the numbers of promotional calls are increasing day by day on our phones. Sometimes we don’t share our personal details to a company nevertheless we receive Phone Calls, Mails and SMSs from that company. There are lots of things happening because we are not aware to secure our virtual privacy. Scammers can get your Credit or Debit Card details and may take the money from your Bank account. Now this type of ATM card fraud is happening in large number. The scammers do that kind of things because they have card information of the victim and may be the victim did not secure his Privacy. In many social media platforms we share our pictures without any security and most of the time people don’t know how to secure social privacy. As a result some people collect those pictures and misuse of them. For securing our personal data sometimes we use vaults or Apps. But normally we don’t check that is those vaults or Apps are secure or not. Sometimes your personal data got licked from those Apps.

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There are lots of tools who claim to secure you privacy. But we think not a single tool is 100 % reliable to secure your privacy and they have their own liabilities. We think securing your online privacy is mainly at your own hand. Here we are giving some Privacy Securing tips on how you can secure your Online privacy.

  • Every time when we go on social media platforms, they ask lot of information from us but we should give as little information as possible. There we should submit only your primary information.
  • When you give your personal information to a site make sure the site is reputed and popular. Because the chance of data sharing or leaking, for a reputed site is very low.
  • Make sure when you share your ATM card details to a site, the site has SSL.
  • While entering pass words on a website check that does the pass word showing in Starmark format or not.
  • We should avoid sharing our pictures on dating type websites. There scammers can stole our pictures and can easily misuse that.
  • Different passwords should be use in different platforms. It minimizes the chances of cracking our passwords and hacking our accounts.
  • We should not use any unpopular or unsecure volt or drives on our phones, computers to preserve our personal data.
  • Antivirus should use because they can detect the site where we are visiting is safe or not.

This are the basic things we should follow to keep our privacy secure. These are not very difficult things we just need to check these things while we are online. We think if you follow these tips thoroughly you can easily prevent Privacy Lick. Thank you for reading this article. If you find this article was helpful or if you have any queries then please comment in our comment section.

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