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Instagram Feed Plugin For WordPress Feature And Overview

If You Want To Show Instagram Feeds On Your Website You Can Use Instagram Feed Plugin.

Are you looking for an easy way to show your Instagram posts directly to your WordPress site? Instagram Feed plugin would be a great option to choose from.

Whether you are running a blog website or a business site, it’s attractive. It can increase user engagement as well as can lead to more sales. Visual contents always play a significant role in grabbing user interest.

When it comes to beautiful images, displaying them in a cool manner, one social media platform is immensely popular, which is Instagram.

Instagram is very trendy and used by billions of people worldwide. But are there any ways by which you can show your website visitors, your Instagram posts? For WordPress website owners, there is a short and effortless option is available; WordPress Instagram plugin. The process of attaching to your website and the functionalities is the same as other WordPress Plugins. Just install, and that’s it no coding required and gets ready in minutes.

There are lots of Instagram Feed Plugins available which enables you to display photos from Instagram accounts directly to your WordPress site. In this article, we will introduce you to a popular plugin for showing your Instagram pictures on your WordPress site, Instagram Feed.

Like all other products or plugins, you will be stuck with limited features when you choose the free ones. Whereas if you go with the premium ones, you get more functionalities, more options to do. This plugin is available in both free and premium versions. Below we are describing it,

What is Instagram Feed:

If you are a person who typically buys anything by looking at its rating, popularity then, this Instagram Feed plugin put an end to your searching for Best Instagram plugin for your WordPress site. It has over 1 million active installations and has a 4.9 rating on it out of 5. This plugin is very easy to set up and has both free and premium options. It allows you to completely customize the number of pictures you want to show, to set their height, width, their size, their background, color, and more. You get options to show multiple Instagram accounts in the same or separate feeds. Nowadays, most of the users visit websites through mobile devices. So our feed should be mobile-optimized, and our website, Instagram Feed, displays optimized images to viewers. This Instagram Feed plugin effortlessly increase user engagement with your Instagram followers. Besides that, you don't need to upload photos manually on your site once you use this plugin. When you upload any picture on your Instagram account, it automatically comes to your website. Below we are mentioning some key features of it.

Key features of Instagram Feed:

Optimized for all devices:

Instagram Feed displays optimized images so that it would fit all screen sizes. No matter what device you use to visit, the feed fits your display.

Lots of customization available:

You can customize the height and width of your feed, background color. Different type layout options have been given like Grid, Carousel, Masonry, Highlight. Each layout type is also customizable. According to devices, you can select how many photos you want to show.

Multiple feeds show options:

You can add multiple Instagram account and show a feed of them on the same page or throughout your site as Instagram Feed has shortcodes. Also, you can combine the various type of feeds into one single feed.

Advanced customization:

You can gain advanced customize options through CSS and JavaScript snippets.

Regularly updates:

Instagram Feed provides frequent updates. That helps you to stay updated with the current changes in WordPress and Instagram. It ensures you get a seamless experience with that plugin.

Post filtration:

You can filter your posts by filter setting and show the posts which contain your selected hashtags or words.

Available for both free and paid users:

This plugin is available for both free and paid users, where the Instagram Feed Pro offers many more options than the free ones.

There are so many other features which may be useful for you. You can check them here.

Instagram Feed Pro Plans:

Instagram Feed Pro has four Premium plans and has 30 days money-back guarantee. The plans are as mentioned: Personal, Business, Developer, All Access Bundle.

All plans include features,

  • Tagged Feeds.
  • Filter Posts.
  • Hashtag Feeds.
  • Photo/Video Lightbox.
  • Carousel/Slideshows.
  • Captions, Likes Comments.
  • Combine Multiple Feed Types.
  • Visual Moderation System.
  • Instagram Stories.
  • Create Shoppable Feeds.
  • Pro Support.

The main difference between the Pro plans is the number o websites you can connect.

  • Personal:
    The Personal plan is for one website, and it costs $49 per year.
  • Business:
    With this plan, you can connect five websites, and you need to pay $99 per year.
  • Developer:
    Developer plan prices $ 149 per year and offers 25 websites.
  • All Access Bundle:
    This is the highest plan where you can use it for unlimited websites. As SMASHballon offers more social feed plugins, you get access to them all. You get access to Custom Twitter Feeds Pro, Feeds for YouTube Pro, and Custom Facebook Feed Pro. This costs $ 299 per year.

Try Instagram Feed

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