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5 Best Image Optimizer Plugins For WordPress In 2020

Choose Your Effective WordPress Image Compressor Plugin And Speed Up Your Website.

Are you looking for the best image optimizer Plugin for your WordPress site? If yes, then this article will help you to identify which is the best one.

Images are an integral part of every successful website. It is an essential part of any website because it not only gives a pretty look but also attract more visitors. Did you know that? Aside from the Websites, images also rank on search engines. So if you do the proper SEO work for images, you may increase your audience effectively. Now many new bloggers are using extra-large pictures on their site. But they don’t know this work makes a negative impact on their site and increasing website loading time. So, it’s essential to understand what the actual size of the images on your site should be. Now in this article, we’ll discuss some of the best image optimization plugins that will help you to optimize images very easily.

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Here is the list of best WordPress image optimization Plugin that provides great compression tools. Let’s check out some of them:

1. WP Smush the Popular Image Compressor

Smush is one of the popular image optimization plugins for WordPress. It automatically compresses PNG, JPEG, and GIF files without minimal loss of quality. It is very easy to use and beginner-friendly. You can also optimize up to 50 images at once with the help of your bulk images compression. Smush meticulously scans all images you upload, or you have already added to your site. As well as, it easily cuts all the unnecessary data from the images and scales it for you before adding it to your media library. Although, the free version of Smush lets you compress images up to 1MB in size, and the Premium or Pro version will optimize images up to 5MB in size.

Smush The Popular Image Optimizer Plugins For Word Press

Key features:

  • Advanced lossless image compression.
  • It is Multisite compatible, both global and individual.
  • Auto and Bulk optimization system.
  • Optimize up to 50 images with one click.
  • Incorrect size image detection.
  • And much more.

Click here to download the Smush WordPress image optimizer plugin.

2. ShortPixel the Best Image Optimizer

ShortPixel is another useful image compression tool that will help you improve the loading speed of your site. It’s easy to set up and the interface is very pleasant. It offers both free and paid accounts for its users. You can easily optimize your JPEGs, PNGs, Webbs, GIFs and PDF files with it’s lossy and lossless compression. As well as, it also offers glossy JPEG compression which is a very high-quality lossy optimization algorithm and it is Specially designed for photographers.

Short Pixel Is The Best Image Compressor Plugin

It automatically saves all backup images that you have uploaded. In addition, Short Pixel uses minimal resources and works well with any shared, cloud, VPS or dedicated web hosting. It can optimize any image you have on your website even the images that aren’t listed in your Media Library like NextGEN, Modula or added directly via FTP. After registering with this Plugin, you will get the API key, which you can use for multiple websites.

Key features:

  • Support JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF files.
  • Back up and restore images with one click.
  • Use ShortPixel Plugin on multiple websites with a single API key.
  • Compatible with watermarking plugins.
  • Works well both HTTPS and HTTP websites.
  • And much more.

Click here to download ShortPixel Image Optimizer.

3. Optimus WordPress Image Optimizer

Optimus is a widely used image compressor plugin in the virtual world. This image optimizer plugin is developed and maintained by KeyCDN. Depending upon the images, this plugin can automatically reduce the images up to 70%, which will save a lot of bandwidth and make your site more faster. It allows you to compress the images with two different methods; lossy and lossless. As well as, Optimus removes unnecessary metadata from JPEG and PNG files. As well as, this plugin lets you compress the maximum file size of 100Kb for free. In addition, if you want to keep or delete Optimus image metadata such as author, EXIF and copyright information to reduce the size of the additional files, then you will be able to do this very easily.

Optimus Is A Widely Used Image Compressor Plugin

Key features:

  • Automatically compression both JPEG and PNG Files.
  • Maximum File Size: 5MB.
  • Compress an unlimited amount of images.
  • Reduction of file size with no visible change in image quality.
  • Compatible with WordPress Multisite and WooCommerce.
  • An HTTPS connection is available.
  • And much more.

Click here to download the Optimus image optimizer plugin.

4. Imagify the powerful Image Compression Plugin

Imagify is one of the most advanced and powerful image optimizer plugins that speeds up your website with lighter images. It also provides a Bulk optimization feature for your exiting images in one, click. Imagify offers three different levels of image compression, such as Normal, Aggressive, and Ultra. As well as, you can also use Imagify to convert WebP images for free. This plugin also helps you to resize your image with ideal height, width, and percentage. You can optimize up to 25MB of images which are about 250 images every month. The plugin is fully compatible with WP Retina x2, WooCommerce, and NextGEN gallery.

Imagify The Powerful Image Optimizer Plugin For Word Press

Key features:

  • Supports Lossy and Lossless Optimization.
  • Automatically backups optimized images.
  • Supports PNG, JPG, and GIF formats.
  • Multisite support API.
  • Resize images on the fly.
  • Support for PrestaShop, Magento, and Shopify, coming soon.
  • And much more.

Click here to download the Imagify image optimizer plugin.

5. EWWW the effective Image Optimizer Plugin

EWWW image optimizer is another effective WordPress Plugin that compressing and resizing the images accurately. Therefore, you will get better search engine ranking as well as you can improve your conversion rate. It is easy to set up and beginner-friendly. This plugin can automatically optimize your images as you upload them to your blog or website. Besides that, it also optimizes all the images that you have already uploaded. EWWW compress the JPG, PNG, and PDF files with both lossy and lossless options. Furthermore, you can skip already optimized images very quickly.

E W W W Is An Effective Image Compressor Plugin

 Key features:

  • Unlimited file size for compression and no speed limits.
  • Optimizes JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF.
  • Optimize images on your own server, or connect via the API for cloud optimization.
  • Automatically resize images to max dimensions.
  • CDN support for uploading to cloud servers.
  • Create and serve WebP images.
  • And much more.

Click here to download the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin.

Finally, we can say the above-mentioned image compressor plugins are useful for any WordPress user. Regardless of your image editing skills, you can easily use these image compression plugins and improve the functionality of your website.

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