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3 Things You Need to Know when Choosing a Denver Server Colocation

The Denver server colocation rents out the entire facility or rack space within a data center to multiple companies so that these companies can store hardware related to data storage and other equipment. You can discover a large number of colocation data center providers all over the world. However, you must find the right Denver server colocation hosting provider for your business to benefit from colocation services. Your data center colocation provider must ease up a large part of the operations of your business. Here you will get insights into how you can opt for the best Denver data center partner that can help your business accomplish the current and future requirements. Let's get started.

3 Things to Consider While Choosing a Denver Server Colocation

Mentioned below are the three significant determinants that you must take care of while picking any of the Denver server colocation providers to make sure that your business gets great support and boost for its advancement.

1. Location of Denver Data Center:

While growing your business, you will encounter a need to have access to multiple data centers across different strategic locations. This access is required for large IT deployments, business continuity, disaster recovery or to have a closer distance to employees, customers, and associates. You must also look out for such a Denver data center facility that provides favorable environmental and socioeconomic circumstances. It will assist in lowering overall operating risk and enhancing efficiency. Furthermore, ensure that your Denver server colocation has proximity to stable energy sources, network connectivity, and industry partners within the same data center or campus.

When you reach out to purchase the Denver colocation hosting service from any provider, you must attempt to ask the following questions:

  • What is the provider’s Denver data center footprint?
  • Where can you place the redundant infrastructure for purpose-critical applications?
  • What are the features of the Denver data center's location and how do these features affect data center operations?
  • Climate (temperature, weather patterns, natural disasters)
  • Regulatory and market conditions
  • Sustaining local infrastructure – transportation, communication, etc.

2. Power and cooling under Denver Colocation Hosting

The Denver data center must render redundant power and cooling to keep the systems working in a productive way round the clock. If you go by the data center survey report of Uptime Institute, you will know that a single outage can cost over $1 million. Moreover, you will discover that power loss is the major cause of outages. Also, there can be times when the data centers will run quite hot. Thus, it becomes essential for you to make sure that the Denver data center you opt for comprises adequate cooling systems. Your data center must establish ideal redundancy through a multiple path configuration so that in case one system encounters any failure, the other can take over.

When you reach out to buy the Denver colocation hosting service from any provider, you must attempt to ask the following questions regarding power and cooling:

  • What primary and backup sources of power and cooling do the Denver data center provide?
  • How clean and renewable are the energy sources of the Denver colocation hosting?
  • What are the average and peak load usage?
  • How long can the Denver data center continue to operate in the situation of a disaster with the backup power on-site?

3. Denver Data Center Security and Facility Access

You must make sure that the Denver data center you pick for your business must have the capability to protect your data and the equipment. The Denver data center must implement advanced security measures that should incorporate layered security zones, biometric access, camera, and surveillance systems.

Ask the following questions from the Denver colocation hosting service provider regarding security:

  • How does the Denver data center ensure complete security to your business?
  • What are the steps the Denver server colocation hosting provider is taking to let you have access to your equipment and deliveries, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • How are access logs managed?


The Denver data center colocation service helps lighten the business load from you, your company, and your employees. It lets you and your company focus and work on the core of your business and handles as much as possible the rest backend of your business effectively. Bringing up the right Denver data center colocation services for your business will let it advance at a much greater pace. Along with considering the discussed determinants while picking up the Denver server colocation service, you should also investigate if your Denver data center can provide you with SLAs, greater connectivity, maximum uptime, monitoring facility, and managed services.

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