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How To Viral YouTube Shorts- 8 Useful Hacks For A Content Creator

So, you want to viral YouTube Shorts videos and gain millions of views and engagements on them? Every content creator on YouTube would like the same.

After all, as we scroll through our smartphones and see the videos have so many views on them and comments, as a creator who won’t like the same?

Since, YouTube launched YouTube Shorts, where people can actually create short videos like TikTok, Instagram, or other platforms, it grabs lots of attention from creators from all platforms.

YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform currently on the market but not for short videos indeed at least for now in terms of user engagement. 

TikTok has introduced itself and people got addicted first to the craze of the short video. After that, all other social media platforms started rolling out the same feature on their devices. 

So, if you are just a YouTube video creator, and don’t have any idea how you can create a Shorts video on YouTube to go viral, you may find this article worth reading.

Before we start giving you the practices that you need to follow, let’s first understand,

What is a YouTube Shorts video?

YouTube Shorts enables creators to create and upload short videos in vertical lengths of 9:19 and up to 60 seconds. Creators can shoot videos from their mobile devices, add trendy and popular music from the YouTube library, add various filters, and many more.

It was launched back in 2021 and apart from other short video platforms, YouTube directly compensates creators. Let’s have a brief look at it.

How Creators can earn from YouTube Shorts?

YouTube offers native monetization methods for creators on YouTube which is quite helpful and interesting from a Creator's perspective.

Lengthy YouTube video creators are with the YouTube Partner Program for a long since the YPP Program comes. Later when the short video comes to YouTube, they offered various methods to monetize Shorts videos. They introduced,

YouTube Shorts Fund:

YouTube introduced a Shorts fund of $100 for short video content creators who gets the most views and engagements on their videos.

YPP or YouTube Partner program:

Later YouTube finally allows eligible creators to monetize their YouTube Short videos with AdSense Ads. However, the criteria for being eligible for monetization are quite different from the lengthy videos. For a more detailed guide on making money from YouTube Shorts, you can read: YouTube Shorts Monetization- Everything You Need To Know About.

However, let’s come to the point,

How to viral YouTube Shorts?

According to reports, YouTube Shorts get 15 billion daily views. The figures are insane but gaining views on your Shorts might not be as it seems. Looking at the trends and research, we find the below-mentioned tips useful for viral YouTube Shorts videos. They are as mentioned,

1. Stick to your niche:

Sticking around your channel niche is very important. If you haven’t one specific topic or niche, you should be on that.

On YouTube, there might be hardly any topic that you can’t find but it doesn’t mean you put videos on any topic. All the popular content creators make videos on a specific niche and people subscribe to a channel for watching a specific channel. 

Be Specific Your You Tube Channel Niche

If you are posting miscellaneous and random short videos on your channel, chances are people won’t take your channel seriously and will lose interest in subscribing to it. As short videos get more views and reach more people, you can grow your YouTube channel with YouTube Shorts. You can gain more subscribers with vertical short-duration videos on YouTube. But, if you are not specific to a topic, most likely your existing users lose interest in your channel. For example, if you create entertainment-related videos, you should not be filling shoes on YouTube tips and tricks.

2. Make your videos short:

Since people started watching videos online, their interests have changed. People are now tending to watch short videos. That’s the reason when TikTok came up with a short videos option, people embraced it. However, YouTube allows creators to create short videos of up to 60 seconds. But it does not really require making a video of up to 60 seconds. To boost your short video spread to people the videos should be 15 to 30 seconds maximum.

Now, why we are saying so?

Try To Keep Your Videos Short

If you look at the videos which have got millions of views, they have session duration from the above mention range. As our attention spans are shorter than before, if you create long-duration videos, chances are people would lose interest and will scroll down to the next video. Now, if so, many people do the same with your video, the YouTube algorithm will see it as a less interesting video and it will not promote your short video to more people.

One more important thing, while keeping your video short, don’t forget about the key points or attention retention part of your video.

The next short video viral hack is,

3. Use useful and relevant hashtags:

Hashtags, which are basically words with added the “#” first them. You must have encountered hashtags on various social media posts or Facebook, Under the description of YouTube videos, and of course on Twitter.

Use Relevant Hashtags To Your Shorts Videos

These tags or you say words are actually keywords that denote or describe your video or content and make it more discoverable for people. If a viewer searches for something with the keyword and your video contains the same hashtag, your video gets more chances to come up as a result. Also, if your video is on a trendy topic, using specific hashtags, increases your YouTube Short's reach to more people.

According to YouTube studio, using relevant hashtags in your video description improves your SEO as well as your short video outreach.

4. Don’t ignore the thumbnails:

Thumbnail images help people guess about your video. When we open YouTube whether it is on the YouTube mobile application or desktop, we see first the thumb picture of the video, and if we find it interesting enough we click on it. Now, you may ask, we watch Shorts videos just by scrolling and we don’t see any thumb picture there then what’s the credibility of it? Or, does it have any impact on creating such images for YouTube Shorts videos? 

The answer is yes.

Add Attractive Thumbnails To Your You Tube Shorts

YouTube is now dedicated promotes Shorts videos across the website and app. So, Using an interesting thumb picture for Shorts is always helpful to improve your Short views. One thing you should know, if you don’t add a custom thumb picture for your video, a random snapshot is taken from your video.

However, let’s come to the next YouTube short viral tip.

5. Be consistent on Short creation:

If you want to viral your YouTube Shorts videos and reach to more audience, you have to be consistent. Be it posting a blog on a website, or a YouTube Short video, search engine algorithms monitor how frequently you post content into it. 

To be technical, search engine algorithms see how much information you produce and it is also a ranking factor for them. YouTube will surely promote Shorts videos from a channel that regularly updates compared to a channel that doesn’t. 

Now you might ask, 

how many shorts should I post a day?

The simple answer is as much as you can without compromising your video quality. It also depends on the topic you have chosen too. If you are creating Shorts on any knowledgeable topic, you may not be able to keep updating frequently. On the other end, the audience of funny videos is immense. So, if you can upload that category videos more frequently, it would be better because people are waiting. 

6. Make your short video Title useful:

If you have knowledge of what is SEO, you already know how important is to add a title to your video whether it is a short video or full-length. Adding a title to your short videos let search engine understand what is your video about.

Add Relevant Keywords To Your Video Title

Using the relevant keywords about your video niche in your video title helps rank your video on YouTube search. You might have noticed. Now, when we search for something on YouTube, many relevant short videos come up as results. Now, if you could manage, to gain many clicks from there, the YouTube algorithm will promote your YouTuber Shorts more.

7. Make your Shorts enjoyable and informative:

People don’t watch anything that has less to no value to them. Short videos are this generation's video formats to convey messages and entertainment. As the video only lasts less than a minute, it is harder to put a complex message to your video. It’s better, to sum up, your information in the first portion of the video if it is quite long. 

If you are showing a simple trick or something interesting through a short video definitely you will get more audience retention and people won’t scroll down without the whole video. YouTube will consider it as an informative video and will promote your short videos to more audiences. So it is also equally important to follow if you want to viral YouTube Shorts.

8. Be cool and creative:

If you are likely to viral your Short videos on YouTube, you need to create enough. Being creative does not mean, you have to do some crazy activities or stunts. You need to think about how you can make your videos enough interesting that cannot be ignored by people. You can take any trendy topic from YouTube and think about how you can deliver your message or information through that if you create tutorial-type or informative Shorts videos on YouTube. Also, if you are a business or brand, you can spread it to a broad audience by taking smart video creation approaches.

Finally, YouTube Shorts is a great way to reach more customers for businesses, earn extra income for content creators, and gain more popularity for influencers. As YouTube has mentioned direct monetizing Short videos, you may find these tips useful in gaining more views and engagements of your Shorts.

Thanks for reading. Explore more relevant articles below,

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