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YouTube Shorts Vs. TikTok: Which Has Better Earning Opportunities?

YouTube Shorts Vs. TikTok, which is probably the most aggressive battle, is being fought between one of the biggest video platforms.

Shorts videos are taking over every social media platform, be it Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and last but not least, YouTube. It is the first, and till now, the biggest video sharing platform.  But, for the past few years, a social video-sharing app presented a tough challenge for YouTube. That is TikTok. It has gained immense popularity and audience base after its launch.

Even though TikTok is not the first platform to introduce short video creation functionality, it is definitely the most popular short video platform.

Looking towards people’s retention towards short videos, YouTube launched their short video platform YouTube Shorts. This article will differentiate both platforms in all aspects, from creating videos to earning opportunities. Let’s break them down all. But Before we proceed to the YouTube Shorts vs. TikTok differentiation, let’s have a brief look at both the platforms,

What is TikTok?

TikTok is now the most famous short video creating platform owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. People can add the most trending songs and music to their videos, add lots o filters, and effects to their videos. TikTok was formerly known as Musically, which was a lip-sync short video application. Later TikTok bought that and merged with TikTok. That was the story of TikTok, which now has billions of monthly active users. The year was 2016 when TikTok launched with a massive response because Musically already had an extensive audience base worldwide, and people were already fascinated by the short videos. There are only 15 to seconds videos with lots of attractive video filters, audio database. That makes people addicted to scrolling down just after finishing one video.

What is YouTube Shorts:

Looking towards the success of TikTok, many apps tried to replicate it. In fact, social platforms like Facebook, Instagram added the same functionality to their platforms. Instagram, which is the most popular photo-sharing platform, adapts the short video functionality and makes Instagram Reels. They added the feature to their app. Finally, in late 2020, YouTube rolled out its own version of short video functionality in beta version. Primarily it started in countries like the US and India. Then it starts rolling to other countries. Now, if you look at the time, it seems that YouTube has taken too much time to fill the shoes. Already most people have switched to TikTok, and no need to mention that it was already dominating short video marketing.

But, YouTube has taken some bold steps that might help them to back on the game and even play nicely. In fact, YouTube has made some changes to its mobile application and promotes Shorts videos even more.

Let's have a look at the earning opportunities in both platforms YouTube Shorts and TikTok.

YouTube Shorts Vs. TikTok earning comparison:

Both platforms are quite the same in terms of functionality as they both allow people to create short videos. but there are certain differences in earning. We are describing the earning options of both platforms one by one. let's first start with,

How to earn money on TikTok?

As there are so many TikTok creators around the world, the earning of them varies from person to person. The creators who have more followers, naturally make more money with various earning methods.

The first earning option that most TikTok creators use,

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Any social media influencer has a true impact on their followers. If you have 100k followers who regularly watches your videos, you got 100k people to make their mind to buy any product and service if they need it. Brands know the thing too. That's why companies hire social media influencers to promote their product and services. In fact, influencer marketing has become a new trend. creators who have followers in millions, if mention any product or service to their video, it reaches to millions of people. Especially, if you just started your business, you can easily be aware of people by hiring any TikTok creator who has a huge follower base.

Earning Methods On Tik Tok Short Video App


That is the only in-built earning method TikTok creators have till now. The TikTok coins. People can buy TikTok coins with real cash. Actually, their payment gets converted into coins, and they do multiple kinds of stuff.
Usually, followers send coins to the creators for the ongoing live sessions. You can consider this as a donation.
Later, when the creator would collect so many coins, they can again convert them into cash and get it to their preferred method. That is a prominent earning option that creators can avail of no matter how small a follower base they have.

Now, let's come on,

How to earn money on YouTube Shorts?

Well as YouTube just started later the competitions, they have come up with some excellent strategies. No matter what platform you have, be it a search engine, social media site, or something else, you can't have enough audience, if you do not have enough content or information in it. YouTube just boosts short video creation by offering some alluring earning opportunities.

Short video monetization:

YouTube creators have an in-built video monetization method, Google AdSense. Once they fulfill the AdSense criteria, they are eligible for showing ads on their videos. Whenever an advertise shown their videos, they earn a certain percentage.  At the month-end, their earning is settled down to the creator which they can withdraw.

Previously, creators would not able to monetize their shorts videos. But later YouTube allowed monetizing the shorts videos. However, there are many strict policies that creators need to adhere to if they want to come ads on their shorts.

  • The creator needs to have a monetized enabled YouTube channel.
  • Creators cannot use any copyright music in their shorts videos.
  • The shorts video should be original any copy video won't be monetized.

Earning Methods On You Tube Shorts

The reward for the YouTube Shorts video creators:

That particular news has made huge chaos amongst creators on YouTube who were looking for a monetizing their YouTube Shorts videos. YouTube announced a 100 million dollar reward for the YouTube shorts creator. This particular step was taken by YouTube to grab more attention from the short video creators.

To enable the monetization on YouTube channel, creators ne to fulfill the criteria as mentioned before. But, with the YouTube shorts, creators do not need to comply with monetization criteria. You can start making money from the YouTube Shorts fund straightaway after creating a new channel or uploading a Shorts video on an existing channel.

To earn from the Shorts fund, YouTube will see whose videos got the most videos and have the most engagements on them. Also, the video needs to be original, now copy material won't be allowed.


TikTok or YouTube Shorts, where creators have the better earning opportunity?

YouTube Shorts just started with their full force where TikTok was on the market for a while in short videos. People are used to creating and watching short videos on TikTok. So, in terms of audience for some times TikTok creators would see the bigger audience base. But, as YouTube has two most prominent earning options, it might be effective to bring mainstream video creators to YouTube Shorts. So, looking towards the available earning options, YouTube Shorts has quite better-earning opportunities than TikTok.

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