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How To Make Money With AdMob Ads

Read The Article And Know What Is Google AdMob And How Does It Work?

Are you a developer and looking for a way to make some money from your own app? If yes, then AdMob Ads are the best idea to earn money online.

In recent times, there are many ways to make money online like, freelancing, blogging, affiliate marketing, Youtube, and many more. I think these are the leading online earnings sources now at the moment. However, aside from these ways, many people are making money with excellent and accessible ideas. In this business model, you need some money to invest, but the earning opportunity is enormous. The method we are going to talk about is making money with mobile apps.

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According to the research, now over 85 percent of people are using their mobile phones from buying a product to booking a train ticket. In this phase of growing business, the use of mobile phones is increasing day by day as well the mobile apps. So, if you are an app developer, then you can earn some extra money from making your simple android app. But now the question is, how can you do this? The answer is simple: thanks to Google AdMob, which gives you an excellent opportunity to monetize your app with AdMob ads.

What is AdMob, and how does it work?

AdMob is a Google advertising platform that gives you a way to earn money online by displaying targeted ads to your users alongside your app content. It was acquired by Google in November 2009 and was restructured to incorporate many of the core functionalities of the Google advertising network. AdMob works by matching ads to your app based on the criteria you set. The ads are created and paid for by different advertisers who want to promote their products on Android and iOS platforms.

AdMob is a mobile-oriented version of AdSense. So, if you have used Google AdSense before, then you can assume that Google AdMob also works almost the same way.

For example, Advertiser pays Google to promote their app or website. On the other hand, Google provides some ads to the publishers like you to display those ads, and when your users click on those ads, then you will get money from Google.

Google AdMob Ad formats for Publishers

By delivering the right ads to the right users at the right time, Google AdMob is offering several ad formats to the publishers. So, you can continue to give users a great experience while monetizing your app. You can choose from a wide range of ad formats, including:

What Is Ad Mob And How Does It Work

Banner Ads: Banner Ads can be useful in promoting any business in a single shot. It is beneficial when you target multiple device sizes, and it can fit depending on the screen size.

Reward video ad: These ads are beneficial to offer some reward points, coins, and extra life in a video game. These types of video ads are applied after a user has completed a massive task in your app.

Native ads: Native Ads is a customized ad format that matches the look and feel of your app. These ads give you the flexibility to configure your ads with the appropriate color, text color, and buttons to make them more attractive and natural.

Interstitial ads: It's like static or video ads, and that can appear at natural breaks or transition points. As well as it also creates an engaging brand experience without disrupting the app experience.

Moreover, you can also improve your user experience and revenue by the Google Admob ad filtering option.

How do you earn money online with Google AdMob?

If you are thinking of making money with the help of Google AdMob, then first, you have to develop a helpful app, and people like to use it for a long time.

Although, for the first time, you may not get so many users for your app. For this solution, you need to use AdWords for running your mobile app install campaign. After that, AdWords will be playing your campaign based on your targeted keywords and miscellaneous information. This way, you would become very popular, more people will download your app automatically, and your earnings will be increasing dramatically.

How Much Money Can You Earn From Ad Mob

But, before you think of earning money by clicking on ads on your app, you should need to focus on your ads and your app content. As well as, if Google finds your content and ads are illegal and harmful to your users, then Google may ban your AdMob account. So, to avoid this incident, you need to read the Google AdMob policy carefully.

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How much can you earn from AdMob Ads?

It is one of the top questions among all app developers. However, the actual answer depends on several factors. First of all, your income will be dependent on your application and the business model that you have already planned. If you want to get more income, then you need to engage your audience with your app frequently to generate enough impressions to drive ad clicks. The next thing we can tell you is that the more the app is used and the better ratings the app gets, the more revenue you can earn.


Finally, we can say that the Google AdMob platform can be a great way to monetize a mobile application. However, It’s difficult to make any significant amount of money from advertisements in mobile apps. So, to make it possible, you need to understand your user's behavior according to your ad placement. Also, try to avoid mismatch ads that can be annoying for your users.

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