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Comparison Between Amazon Affiliate And Digital Products Affiliate

When it comes to monetizing the blog with affiliate links, a common confusion comes, which one to choose, Amazon affiliate or digital products.

As many bloggers are taking a step back from Google AdSense and other PPC-based content monetizing platforms, they are more likely to embrace various affiliate networks.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, most people would prefer Amazon because it has the most extensive affiliate network in the world. So many bloggers, YouTube, and other content creators are joined with Amazon affiliates and earning from it. But, if you have other options to choose from, would you do that? What are the earning opportunities without an Amazon affiliate? In this article, we will walk you through a comparison between Amazon affiliates and digital product affiliateships.

Here we will elaborate on the drawbacks and benefits of both affiliate options.

Firstly, let’s see,

What Amazon Associates is?

There is no need for a lengthy introduction of Amazon as it is the biggest e-commerce platform where billions of people come and buy products. It also runs the largest affiliate network in the world. You can find anything under the Sun on Amazon as it has the most significant number of sellers and products. If you run a blog about any physical product, you can join Amazon and earn hefty commissions from there. You can read: Earn Money From Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program, to know in detail about Amazon affiliates.

Affiliate programs of digital products or services:

In this digital era, various types of digital products are required for numerous purposes. Digital products like various digital tools such as social media marketing tools, domains, hosting, website security products, email marketing, other digital marketing services, various Softwares, and more.

Now let’s come to a general commission percentage of both affiliate options.

Commission rates in Amazon Associates:

Amazon is the largest shopping platform, and the commissions are depending on the product categories. Each category has different rates. Also, it depends on the region you are promoting the products. Amazon runs its business in many countries such as the US, India, UK, Brazil, and other countries. Each country has different commission rates for different types of products. Also, the commission rates are changeable.

For example, Amazon India offers commission for the products such as,

Kitchen appliances 9%, Grocery and pantry 8%, Televisions and computer electronics & accessories 5%, Mobile and accessories4%, books 5%, and there are lots of other categories.

Now let’s have a look at the

Digital product affiliate commissions:

There are so many companies and businesses that sell digital products and services all across the world. So, it is not possible to bring all of their commissions to a single article. So here we will let you introduce some of the high commissioned digital products to give you a rough idea.


Sendinblue is an all-in-one marketing tool and very well known for its excellent email marketing service. So many businesses from worldwide use the Sendinblue email marketing service. When someone signup to Sendinblue through the affiliate link, the affiliate marketer receives 5 Euro as commissions, for each premium plan purchasing, the affiliate gets 100 Euro commission. As you can assume, the earnings are immense. If you can project this fantastic email marketing tool to potential customers, the earnings could be excellent.


Bluehost is one of the veterans in the web hosting industry that provides a superior, fast and secure hosting solution to millions of websites worldwide. They have one of the famous affiliate networks that work in the field of the website domain, hosting servers, website security. For each qualified hosting purchase, Bluehost offers a $65 commission. The company has disbursed over $5 million as an affiliate commission in one year, which is absolutely immense.

Here we just introduced two of the most popular digital products that run their affiliate marketing network. But, as we have mentioned above, there are so many other kinds of digital products. In fact, there is no end to digital products that you can promote. There are many platforms and market places on the internet where you can find your preferred products. Just promote them and earn massive commissions through sales.

Now let’s check some advantages of the digital product affiliate marketing compared to Amazon-

The first benefit about the digital product affiliate is,

High commission rates:

Typically the commissions are way compared to the Amazon Associates. The percentages are very small in most of the Amazon products. But, with digital products, the earnings are incomparable.

Recurring commissions:

That is a cherry on top with the digital products affiliate. Just imagine you just sold a product for once and receive some commission for each month or periodically. Isn’t it sound cool? Well, that’s an excellent benefit with the digital services you can avail. Many service providers offer a percentage of renewal as commission. Many consumers buy services and pay them on a monthly basis. That’s why each time when they renew their service, you receive the commission. You will be getting the commission until the customer opt-out the service. But, as Amazon is a product base e-Commerce platform, you will not see such things there.

Cookies duration:

Cookies are the most important object to track the sales through your own affiliate link. Each time when someone clicks on your affiliate link and gets redirected to the website, it gets tracked through cookies. Most of the time, people do not purchase after clicking your link. So, if someone buys that product, they will be tracked through the cookies. Amazon has a 24-hour cookies policy. If someone does not buy a product after clicking your link within 24 hours, you will not get the commission for that.

On the other side, most of the digital product affiliates have a 60 days cookies policy, and some of them have 90 days, even 120 days also. So, there is no competition at all with Amazon affiliate and digital affiliate products and services.

Now let’s come to advantages with the Amazon affiliate,

Availability of products:

From electronics to the pantry, from home appliances to all other commodities, Amazon sells products for all. You will find any product which you require for your daily usage. That makes it an excellent place for affiliates. You do not need to go for signing up for various types of products on different platforms once you sign up there, everything in a single place.

High trusted platform:

Amazon is a reputed eCommerce platform, and billions of people buy products from there. So, when someone clicks on your link and visits Amazon, they are more likely to buy it if they require that product. It is a great advantage to work with Amazon. You do not need to convince much.

These are some of the Amazon and other digital products affiliate marketing. As you can in most cases, digital products have some huge advantages over Amazon. If you are about to jump into affiliate marketing, We hope this article would help you.

These are some advantages and disadvantages with the Amazon affiliate and other digital products affiliate marketing.

We hope you have enjoyed reading the article. Read more related articles,

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