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Does Google AdWords Help in SEO?

Google AdWords and SEO both bring the visitors to your website but for the AdWords, you have to spend the money, and the SEO costs nothing.

Around the world over a 1.2 million business advertisers run an ad on Google AdWords. Before we go deep, you can read:- What Is Google AdWords In The World Of Digital Marketingif you are hearing Google AdWords for the first time.

But, it is not a thing you must have to do. If you have products or services and want to do business online with them, then Google AdWords is not a necessary thing. There is no rule or anything like that if you don’t run an ad campaign on Google, you will not be on Google search. You can run ad campaigns on other ad network platforms; you can run Social Media marketing, content marketing and you can do others things.

On the other side, the SEO is not only for the Google. It is essential for all search engines. Basically, SEO is a process by which you can optimize your site into the search engines. The SEO has a huge impact on business.

On our previous article we have written about Which Is Better Among SEO and Google AdWords now we are going to describe on, can we get the benefit on SEO if we run Google Ads. Let’s get started.

Here are the some benefits for your SEO when you are working with Google AdWords:

Benefits Of Ad Words On Your S E O

  • Increase your search traffic and leads: AdWords is a very active working tool. It can generate a huge amount of search traffic for your website through online advertising instantly. It also helps to publish your brand awareness and trust over millions of people at a time and generate leads. So, this strategy can rapidly increase your search engine visibility.
  • Helps to keep up your current ranking: One day you found that your website earned on top of the SERPs organically. This may be a good thing, but it disappears the next day, and you may see it on the other pages of SERPs. This fluctuation is working continuously for Google algorithm. On the other hand, Google AdWords is paid marketing method. It is regularly monitoring your ad campaign which keywords are demandable. So, your ads always achieve the best position against your competitors. Beside of that, you can control your rankings over the organic rankings.
  • Get the more specific idea on keywords: Keyword is one of the most important and challenging things in online business. Because every online customer relies on their required search terms depends on keywords. The Google AdWords has a vast amount of keywords data for a particular audience or industry. The AdWords keywords planner gives you all the information about keywords. According to average monthly search, competition level, market rate each of all. Therefore you can quickly get your targeted keywords regarding your business.
  • Helps to increase your organic click-through rate (CTR): In the online marketing click-through rate (CTR) is the number of ads clicks divided by the number of page view. That’s mean total clicks on ad/total impression = click through rate. Suppose you had 10 clicks and 100 impressions, then your CTR would be 10%. More impression gives you organic search result in the future. It also plays a significant role in your SEO ranking and popularity.

Conclusion: Finally, we would like to say if you run an effective digital marketing strategy on Google AdWords then you can get lots of benefit of the SEO.

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