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What Is a Favicon and Why Does It Important?

Everything You Need To Know About Website Favicon And Its Advantages.

A website favicon can increase the user’s attention effectively. If you don’t know what is a favicon, and why does it matter? Then you can read the article.

Now in the busy world, people have need tons of information from the internet not only on a daily but even hourly basis. But sometimes we can’t remember all the essential websites with their names. In this situation, with the help of web favicon, we can recognize or find that website very quickly. A favicon is an essential element that helps make a website appear more professional and trustworthy. As well as, it also plays a crucial role in site branding and product recognition. Do you have a website? Then you must know what a favicon is and why does it matter.

What is a Favicon

A favicon is a short form of ‘favorite icon.’ It is a small image which is displayed to the left of a URL in most of the web browser. It is also known as a URL icon, shortcut icon, website icon, tab icon, or bookmark icon. The standard size of a favicon is 16×16 and 32×32 as measured in pixels. However, some website owner uses 48×48 and 64×64 pixel web icon for their website. The URL icons are typically created in ICO, PNG, GIF, and JPG formats, which are supported by most commonly used browsers.

Why is a URL icon important for a website?

Web icon is an integral part of the web interface; it is compared as a functional element of the layout which is involved in providing positive user experience. At present, it is much easier to find the needed website as a bookmark by image, rather than looking through different URLs. Lots of companies have to use recognizable icons, which help them stand out separate from other web platforms. Without any doubt, it is a useful element for all sites, which allows your target audience to find you faster and easier. Let’s see some advantages of using a favicon.

Improve your SEO ranking:

The web icon does not affect directly on your SEO ranking. SEO is not an easy process; if you want to how SEO helps to improve your website ranking, you can read, Get The Clear Idea On What Is SEO To Improve Your Website Ranking. However, having a favicon on your browser tabs on history archives helps users save time, and identify your website without any difficulties. This will makes your website more user-friendly. Besides, your visitors will spend more time and interaction on your site than ever, and then your website’s ranking will be even better.

Easy to bookmarks:

Saving and remembering as a bookmark in the browser is an excellent benefit of a favicon. So, if you don’t have a favicon on your site, then you may lose out on the chance of being on a bookmarked list on the Chrome browser.

The Advantages Of Favicon For A Website

The favicon can Increase your visibility on search engines:

A URL icon represents the visual identity of your website and business. As a result, users are directly dependent on your brand, as reflected by your favicon. SEO also depends on your branding and marketing. As well as, whenever you get more visible on search engines, the more users are likely to click on your website and remember you very well.

How to create a favicon for your website

To create your favicon, you can hire a web designer, or you can use an online generators tool. The first option may be right, but if you hire a web designer, you need money. The second one is quite convenient because you can get a unique image for your website with the help of free online favicon generator tools very quickly.


Finally, we can say a favicon is an essential component of a website. But before you going to create this, you need to be taken into consideration for designing a favicon for your website. Although it is small and familiar, it can have a significant impact on your site. Try to create something unique and matching with your brand. So, this will allow your users to identify your brand through favicon easily.

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