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With These Survey Platforms, You Can Genuinely Make Money In India

If you want to make money in India, there are many ways for it but, one of the easiest options you can have is, through online surveys.

Making money by performing surveys is not a new thing. As India is the second most populated country in the world, companies are eager to get insights from Indian people.

To figure out people’s interests, preferences, there is no better way than conducting surveys. That’s the reason, there are so many big institutions, organizations that conduct surveys. Before diving deeper, one needs to understand taking part in online surveys won't make you rich. You can earn a small amount of money by taking part in your spare time. The Internet has a plethora of survey platforms but not all of them are suitable and open for people in India. Most of the platforms are open in countries like the US, Uk, and Latin America. So, in this article, we would present some of the most authentic survey platforms that are perfect for Indian participants and people can make money from them.

But before we enter straight to the list, for those who are not aware of taking part in online surveys and making money from them, here is a brief introduction about online survey jobs.

What is an online survey?

People in India must be aware of people coming to their homes with a big piece of paper pencils and other equipment before the census. They come to houses and one by one collect all the information from us. From the number of people who live in the family to the earnings, from the number of vehicles to other household information. That is the offline version of surveys. That survey is conducted by the government authorities. Those data, collected from the people help the government to visualize all the factors in people’s life. They are basically for the purpose to evaluate how the government’s decisions impacting to people’s daily life. How are their mental and physical health, financial stance, and lots more. There is no connection to money at all.

Online survey:

But the time has changed. We have entered the modern internet era where speed and efficiency matter the most. Similar to the governments, companies, and businesses also require data to improve their product and services. That’s why they conduct surveys too. That is the part we are walking about and people who are looking to earn money from surveys are interested the most. The best part is for performing surveys you get paid Otherwise why people would be interested in sharing their personal information, preferences to unknown platforms. 

People who did not know much about taking part in online surveys and making money from them should understand you just get a small amount of money from it. If you are looking for a method that makes you consistent money also in a good amount you should probably leave the idea of participating in surveys. 

 No matter which platform you should survey, you will either receive some reward or some points that you would be able to convert into money so far. 

Making money  from surveys in India:

In India where people face lots of hardships finding jobs and sustainable earning opportunities, no wonder lots of them search for some earning sources that can be done from home, and no need for extensive knowledge. Participating in surveys is one of the easiest earning opportunities people can have. Here you do not need any prior experience, in some instances qualification, and most importantly no investment at all. But, one drawback is that, it’s not so simple you searched on Google “earn money online through survey” and you get tons of platforms.

It does not necessarily mean that you land on the platform, join there and start making money.

Earning money from surveys is a legitimate way but, all survey platforms are in action in India. There are many big firms, and companies that give hefty rewards or cahs to their participants but are not available in India. 

When you search for survey sites, in most articles or blogs you get all survey sites without rectifying for India. That is a major point. It does not make sense to signup to a platform, spend time and then come to know that the Indian audiences are not eligible for that.

There are certain things that can go wrong after you join the survey sites. That’s why we have listed some checklists you need to look for before you join.

Closely observes the site:

Once you find a survey platform you need to closely observe the website. Most of the survey platforms are intuitively designed, focusing that joining their platform, taking part in their surveys offered, and making money. But their terms and conditions and coverage area are typically mentioned in the about or terms section. Before signing up, make sure it is available in India. That means they accept surveys from the Indian region. 

Amount of Surveys:

Once you figure out that the platform offers surveys for Indian people the second thing you need to check is the number of surveys. On many platforms, surveys are availably in large amounts for the outsider. However, if getting something better than nothing is what you think, there is nothing wrong with it. But you want to attend more surveys and make money from it, then you may end up on the platform for a long but receive a penny in exchange.

Read the terms and conditions carefully:

Not only the survey sites but to all other platforms where earning is related, you should study in detail their terms and condition otherwise, your account might get banned, Moreover after successfully completing surveys you might not receive the money. 

 Payment options:

After all these, you need to check the payment methods available on the platform. There are a certain number of payment options that work fine abroad but not in India. So, it is very important to check the methods they used to pay. Otherwise after filling the all the surveys, when the time of payment would come you won’t be able to receive the money. At least, before joining these platforms, having an account on PayPal is a major plus point as it is the most popular payment gateway and widely used payment method.

Top survey sites to make money from India:

There are many survey platforms and if you search for them on the internet you might find some mixed reviews about them. Some people would suggest them and some won't. So we have summarized the list putting the most authentic survey sites that people in India can make money from.  So let’s get started with the list,


Toluna or Toluna influencers is one of the most legitimate and trusted online survey platforms available on the internet. It is hardly possible for those, who are searching for online surveys and did not hear about Toluna. On the platform you can take part in two types of surveys You can earn a reward by filling up your profile details and the second one is answering the questions asked by Toluna. However, you can choose what type of survey you would be taking part in. Completing the portfolio is very much important because that's how Toluna would know who you are what is our stance. And then you will be provided the most relevant surveys. Indian users get payment from Toluna India Pvt Ltd. They offer gift cards on shopping platforms of Amazon, Flipkart, and many more. To cash out, PayPal is also available.


Swagbucks is another renowned survey platform that is being providing surveys to people all across the globe and it is also an excellent platform for people from India. You get lots of survey-type jobs to do. They have tasks such as answering questions during surveys and polls. Besides the survey, they offer tasks as searching on the internet, shopping online on various platforms, downloading and using mobile applications, and more. For each task, you get rewarded as points. They are referred to as Swagbucks. Once you reach the minimum threshold amount, you can redeem those points into gift cards from various shopping platforms available in India such as Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, PayPal. To earn points in Swagbucks you can firstly complete your profile. 

Google Opinion Rewards:

as you are looking to earn some cash by taking part in the surveys what else could be better, installing an application into your smartphone from Playstore and answering the questions. That is as simple as Google Opinion Rewards offered by Google itself. The app has over 50 million installs. Even though the app is offered by Google, iOS users still can download the app from Apple App Store and can take part in the survey.  The only drawback one may find is, Android users get the reward to their Google Play Store which they can use purchasing anything on Google Play and the iPhone users can take the money to the PayPal account. 


If you want to make money online from surveys, Viewfruit is also another nice option.  They have a worldwide footprint and their website is available in 30 different countries. For people in India also have a great opportunity to join and make money from there. They often have may survey and inform users via email whenever it is available. The surveys are listed on their home page as projects. besides the surveys, you can join the polls and lucky draws too. The lucky draw offers various prizes. Just like most of the other survey sites, Viewfruit also does not directly pay. they give you points that you can convert to cash. 500 Viewfruit points are equal to $1 and the minimum payout is 2500 points. The money is disbursed every Friday and allotted to the PayPal account.

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