Popular Messaging WhatsApp Business App Soon Will Be Available On iPhone

Finally Reports Came Out That WhatsApp Business App Is Under Development

Facebook-owned popular messaging application WhatsApp soon will give their business app for the iOS users. This feature is available on Android already.

Currently, WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app used by billions of people worldwide. Seeing to their massive number of users they keep updating their application and try to provide more useful features to their users. Sometimes ago news came that, they are trying to show advertisement on WhatsApp.

Now according to reports, their business app is under development for iPhone users. So many people use WhatsApp, so some people were using the usual WhatsApp for promoting their business. They used to send promotional messages to send lots of people by sharing on various groups. Even sometimes before people get annoyed by the vast numbers of unwanted promotional messages. People were using WhatsApp to spread rumors and fake news, and they hired a grievance officer to India. Earlier on year 2018 WhatsApp started to think about how they can use WhatsApp as a business purpose.


The business app has a lot of features inside like; messaging tools, business profiles, messaging status, account type and others.

The business profiles allow you to help customers with various kind of useful information to like business description, website, and email address. With the messaging tool, you can quickly reply to the messages. The Business app was launched in January to connect the small business users easily to their clients.

The WhatsApp business app will be compatible with iOS 8 and above.

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