WhatsApp Hires Grievance Officer To India To Stop Spreading Fake News

WhatsApp has appointed a Grievance officer in India. WhatsApp Company has updated their website with the contact details of the officer.

From taking the effort to stop spreading the fake news to launching their payments, WhatsApp was failing to obey Indian Laws. India is one of the largest user countries in the world with over 200 million users.

For a long time, Indian Government has been telling WhatsApp to develop tools which can fight against fake news and messages and by which WhatsApp can trace the source of the fake news. There was another demand from Indian Government to appoint a grievance officer for India. Other major tech giants Google, Facebook already has appointed grievance officer for India.

In the last few months, there were several incidents happen on spreading misinformation in India. Finally, WhatsApp hired a USA based grievance officer for India in August, Komal Lahiri and informed the Indian IT Ministry two weeks ago.

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