Mozilla Says Premium Features On Firefox Are Coming

They Are Set To Bring paid Subscription Based Features On Firefox.

Mozilla is planning to give some premium features on Firefox like Virtual Private Network, and cloud storage to their users says Mozilla CEO.

On last October, Mozilla started testing a subscription VPN offering with partnering with ProtonVPN. They were offering a $ 10 subscription, and few users were able to use that. They had presented as a test and was only available to a small group of users. Now Mozilla planning to offer some free VPN bandwidth to get started with and then they will charge you and you have to go with a monthly paid plan.
Chris Beard, the CEO, Mozilla, in an interview, mentioned that the company intends to begin offering the subscriptions starting October.

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Till now it is unclear if this would be a single subscription service offering multiple features, or will be separate subscription services. Also, there is no clarification about the pricing of the subscription.
However, Mozilla said they would not charge for any existing Firefox features as part of its shift to offering subscription services.
“A high-performing, free and private-by-default Firefox browser will continue to be central to our core service offerings,” the report quoted Senior Vice President of Firefox, Dave Camp, as saying. Camp also said that Firefox can serve users who are interested in premium features “without compromising the development and reach of the existing products and services.”

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