Apple’s Second Data Center Plan In Denmark Is Now Cancelled

Apple Now Want To Sell Their Land There Want To Focus on Expanding It's facility In Viborg.

The first announcement came in July 2017 that the Aabenraa site is set to be Apple’s second data center in Denmark. But now Apple has pulled out.

Countries like Denmark have long been a magnet for power-hungry industries because of their renewable energy resources. Energies like hydropower and wind are hugely used there. They have the ability to generate cheap electricity from various renewable sources, and these points attract numerous tech companies.
Apple also planned to build two data centers in Denmark which will run on renewable sources. The first phase of construction of the first data center near the town of Viborg is running and will be complete later this year.

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In 2017 Apple said that it had bought 285 hectares of land for the second data center at Aabenraa near the German border.
It is still unclear why Apple has canceled its second project in Denmark.
On Tuesday, Apple said, “As we near completion of our new Viborg data centre in central Jutland, Denmark, we’ve decided to focus on growing that site instead of building an additional data centre in Aabanraa,”.
last year, Apple was forced to cancel plans for a data center in Ireland due to protracted court battles, the bad news regarding the Denmark site comes as a shock to seemingly everyone involved.

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