Huawei To Unveil Its Own Mapping Service Map Kit

The Map Kit Service Will Be Available In Forty Languages And Tipped to Launch In October.

After the Harmony OS, Huawei plans to unveil its own mapping service called ‘Map Kit’. It would offer street navigation system and real-time traffic.

As per the report of Verge, However, it would support augmented-reality mapping and would not be for direct consumer use. The Map Kit is also said to be available in 40 languages and tipped to launch in October.

Last week, the Chinese tech giant unveiled HarmonyOS – referred to as Hongmeng OS in China – which is aimed at reducing the company’s reliance on Google-developed Android OS.

Focused on improved cross-platform working, Harmony OS would also work across a wide range of devices. The devices including are smart speakers, automobiles, computers, smart watches, wireless earbuds, smartphones, and tablets.

Earlier this month, Google Maps added a new range of tools that are aimed at making travel plans simpler and seamless. Google Maps will now show all your flight and hotel reservations under ‘Your Places’ in the app menu.

Huawei’s this new service comes in the wake of the US government’s trade restrictions on Huawei.

Huawei says,HarmonyOS will eventually run on smartphones, but its CEO told Pocket-Lint that the company could switch phones that would be built with Android to HarmonyOS in mere days if the company could suddenly no longer use Android.

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