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Get Step By Step Guide On How To Build Your GoDaddy WordPress Website

Detailed Guide For Building Your GoDaddy WordPress Site.

If you want to make your WordPress site, you can easily do that with GoDaddy. This article will give you step By step guide to do that.

Themes are one of the most critical parts of your website. It creates the first impression on your visitor. Themes can give you lots of page duration or can provide lots of bounce rates too. So picking up the most eye-catching and responsive theme is very necessary. Especially when you go with the WordPress is very easy because it is the most popular website builder and has tons of free and premium themes. On WordPress, someone can develop a site for free, and someone can develop a thousand dollar site. On the below article-

This Article Will Give You A Clear Defined Idea On WordPress CMS

We have mentioned some points on why people prefer WordPress.You can read the article to know about WordPress.

Let's come back to the main topic. You will get a better idea on WordPress theme to understand better how to access and edit the pages on your site here. Your WordPress theme is the foundation for your website, and builds each page of your site in blocks. Some of the common blocks included in themes are the-

  • Header
  • Body
  • Footer

What Is Header Body And Footer Of A Website

The header of your website

The header is basically everything at the top of your website. It includes things like the site’s title, tag line, and the navigation bar. While the header on your home page may be unique, the header on most subpages will typically have the same format and content across the website.

The body of your site

The area between the header and the footer on your web page is the body, or content area. The content area can include text, graphics, links, buttons – just about whatever you want so that it will vary from page to page, across your website.

Footer of your site

Everything at the bottom of your website, in this section, is the footer. The footer includes stuff like contact information, directions, copyright info, and links to social media. The footer typically carries across all the pages on your website, and its format and content remain the same.

Now let’s talk how can edit your WordPress site :-

  • Edit the header of your WordPress site.

Use The Customize Edit Tool To Edit Header Or Footer Or Body

  • If you need to edit the header or footer on your page, you use the Customizer tool. To access and edit components in the header or footer, you can select from the Customizer menu on the left, or click the corresponding blue edit button on the screen. The Customizer tool is also where you’ll go if you want to change any of the global settings on your website -stuff like colors, fonts, and navigation menus to name a few.

Use The Edit Button To Customize Color Fonts And Other Things

  • Change the body of your WordPress website:

If you need to edit the content area of a page you have to go to the Customizer, just scroll down and click the blue edit icon in the content area of the page. You can also access it, by clicking Page Builder in the menu at the top of the screen.

Use Page Builder Tool To Access To The Contents Of Your Page

The Page Builder tool allows you to access and edit the content on your page. Using this tool, you can quickly build out the content on each page without worrying about formatting.

Manage Row Layouts Basic Modules Advanced Modules

Thanks For reading. Hope you have got more clearance on GoDaddy WordPress website. Previously we have written.

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